Search Engine Optimisation


Quite often we face the dilemma to know how to accomplish the task of search engine optimization especially when we have to promote our new website in this vast universe called the internet, where it is not easy to be seen in the crowd requiring to be seen on top of the search results.

As for the demand, it is naturally a much sought after and highly paying expertise, where search engine optimization experts are easily able to earn on four digits per month. But in the process, if you are not yourself fully acquainted with what search engine optimization is, you may fall trap to the scamsters who make false promises to get you top results and submission to everything, but you may not get the final purpose to get your site highly ranked.

Hence in order to enlighten the readers, we have tried to cover some of the basics of the search engine optimization so that they can understand better the needs of the work and to get it done in a proper fashion to get the desired result.

Let’s start by understanding that whatsoever someone may say about guaranteed results in getting your site on top of search engine results, but there is no way that someone can guarantee to make your site no 1 choice provided they do not actually control the search engines or your content has a word that is unique and do not appear on other sites.

However, one can get it done better by following the web standards of excellent accessibility of your site, seamless usability of the given information and high quality markup, so as to make the site look attractive so as to be easily identified by the search engine robots.

The readers are advised to get a proper understanding of the search engine optimization basics described here. If they do it seriously they will definitely be able to get good results, and even if they do not get it and have to take the help of experts, they will know how to  get this thing done properly.

How to do it?

Let discuss all one by one:

  • The good and relevant content is the single most important thing that plays a critical role in search engine optimization. Good constant is what which is grammatically correct, relevant to the topic of sight, has to be unique and interesting to attract readers. It must guide the people to your site with the help of required key words that people normally use when trying to find out data related to a certain topic. If your content has the most of such keywords, then naturally it will turn higher in search engine optimization results.
  • Good content will make the people link to your site for frequent visits, and these links will enable your site to get its search engine optimization.
  • The content on the site also needs to be updated regularly as the search engine robots will look for this. And if you update your content regularly your site will naturally come up in search engine optimization. And to do this, if you, as the site owner has the time, very good  else you must devise a mechanism to get the site regularly updated with good content wither with the help of professionals in the field or allowing people to  post blogs on your site (only when it is of good quality)
  • You must ensure that the content posted is correct spelled words, matching with the type of English i.e. American or British methods. If need be, to make the content technically correct, adding a suitable glossary explaining all the motile spellings of a word is a god idea to keep your site technically correct and to ensure that search engine robots found the required words in your site to pick it up in the rankings thus helps in search engine optimization.
  • After content the title page is the most important factor that affects the search engine optimization. It is the title page that first links to the search engine and hence it must have all the frequently sought relevant words, related to the topics that your site in related, so that your site is identified in search engine results easily thus enabling search engine optimization. If it is not so, then even with the best content, your site will not be picked up.
  • Make the title of the site very carefully to make it relevant and reasonably descriptive to help search engine to understand what your site is about. The front page title is the first element to link to the search engines. It is advised that you must not use the same title for all the documents on your site, else your site will not be identified easily thus reducing search engine optimization.
  • Only the real text to be used in the title element, as graphics or other special characters makes your site difficult to be identified thus reducing search engine optimization. However, if you want to use graphics or pictures then one can use the text hiding techniques.
  • The URLs have to be made search engine friendly to be properly identified. One must avoid dynamically generated URL as the search engines will stop a question mark and will not go further to find out which this site is about thus missing it in the results. Hence one must use easily readable URLs which are also search engine compatible for search engine optimization. It has been observed that simply by changing the URL composition, there can be a tremendous effect on search engine optimization.
  • Though some may say that incoming links are very important in improving search engine optimization, but it has been observed that the quality, relevance and uniqueness of the content matters more for search engine optimization. It has been seen that despite low incoming links, the sites dealing with unique services, do get search engine rankings thus confirming the importance of good content over the number of incoming links.
  • The site should have good content-to-markup ration so that it not only works faster but more attractive to search engines this enabling search engine optimization.

Though, the topic is very vast but by following the above basic rules one can really improve the ranking of their site. At least knowing this will make him better understands a genuine expert from scamster


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