The new generation vacuum cleaner

Are you still using the classic vacuum cleaner which is getting choked repeatedly and while cleaning it exposing yourself to dust hazard, then this product is just right for you? The DIRT DEVIL INFINITY VS8 TURBO BAGLESS VACCUM CLEANER is setting the benchmark of performance in vacuum cleaner market. It has many pluses as it does not clog, does not lose suction and the best part collected germ laden dust can be discharged by user safely and securely. During use also, the use of many cyclone filter in series ensures that the exhaust gas is cleaner and thus safer. The dirt and germs are trapped in the vacuum cleaner itself.

Dirt Devil Bag less – Why is a bag less cleaner good?

The advantages of this vacuum cleaner are:-

  • A constant high suction.
  • No clogging of filters.
  • No exposure of dust laden bags
  • Very clean and purified exhaust air.

Multi-cyclone Technology

The dirt devil infinity range employs the Multi-cyclone technology. The construction has main cyclone followed by many small cyclone which in tandem very effectively and efficiently. In this the dust is separated by the stream of cyclones which separates even the finest of the dust particles. The cyclones are so efficient and superbly designed that the outlet exhaust is clean, odorless and dust free. The design is such that air and dust are separated and dust is collected is collection chamber, thus ensuring that there are no issues of loss of filter clogging or loss of suction.

Multi-cyclone technology is the latest on the block and the buzz word in the vacuum cleaner industry as on date.

Dirt Devil Vacuum – How does it work?

Let’s talk about how the Multi-cyclone separation actually works.

From our childhood we have grown up with the simple dust filter technology. In this system, the air is blown through a bag filter, which simply traps the dust particles as a sieve, thus cleaning the air passing through it. But it is efficient till the time the bag is clean. With use it start getting chokes and cleaning efficiency keeps on falling. So, more energy is consumed for less and less work. And the only solution to this problem of filter choking is to remove the dust laden choked filter manually and replace with new filter. Not a very hygienic way indeed. But with introduction of Multi-cyclone technology the problem is solved forever.

A cyclone separator work on the centrifugal force in which the suspended dust particle are separated by changing the direction of fast moving air so the heavy dust particles are separated and sent to collection chamber and clean air is sent out. As various cyclones are deployed in series with varying effectiveness so the air after passing through all of them comes out very clean.

The functioning is such that one separated the debris and dust automatically goes out of the path of flowing air, thus removing any chances of clogging of these filters.

As the best part is the safe disposal of dust simply separate the dust collection chamber and decamp it in dustbin. So there is no direct contact with dust laden accessory as is the case while removing choked filter from a classic vacuum cleaner.


Your dirt devil infinity vacuum cleaner comes complete with all necessary accessories. These are thoughtfully designed through exhaustive research to cater to every task that you may face in your house.

These accessories include:-

  • Crevice Tool: To work in the most difficult places hard to reach.
  • Furniture Brush: To work on surfaces that needs sensitive handling like tables, chairs, sofas etc.
  •  Upholstery Brush: To clean your upholstery softly.
  • Floor Brush: perfect to clean the floor, parquet or the laminated surfaces.
  • Turbo Brush: Perfect and unique attachment with rotating brush head rotating brush head to effectively clean your carpet and car seats.

And the best part is that this vacuum cleaner comes with one year full replacement warranty against the manufacturing defects.

The excellent reviews given by satisfied customers to this product is a confirmation to above claims, and it is this success that makes us confident that if you buy this machine you are going to love it.

And if you do not like the performance, you may return the product within 14 days of purchase and we shall accept it back, no questions asked. But we are sure that will not happen.



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