Ibiza in Spain

ibizaIf there is a place that a person has to visit in his or her lifetime, that is Ibiza. For the longest of times I had family and friends tell me what a wonderful time they had down there but I didn’t believe them. I always thought that no place can be so many things and that they all exaggerated. That was until it was my time to visit this magical place, a little island in the Mediterranean that has captured my heart from the first time I set eyes upon it.

I cannot say that I discovered every corner of the island even though I would if I had enough time. It takes much time to uncover what is hidden in the city of Ibiza. For once the town is ancient and there fore one can find things that one can never be expected in a traditional Spanish city.

Here are a couple of places that have really stricken me and I recommend everybody visiting Ibiza not to miss:

  • The first place to go is the Hippy Markets. I discovered it by mistake a day that I was wondering around. It is the most relaxing and  happy place in the world. It is actually an outside market where people sell their goods, all kind of things one can imagine. There is something for anyone. I for example purchased a beautiful piece of silver jewelry that I love to this day. Hippies are nowhere to be found but they have left their spirit back.
  • If you are looking for memorable strange places like me then the second place in your list are the salt fields. They are so magnificent, almost a magical place, especially in the sunset when the Mediterranean sun makes the salt that covers the dried lakes sparkles. It is like seeing the stars from above and surely something that you will always remember. When I am upset and want to relax that is exactly the image I brink in my mind. It always brings piece in my heart and happy thoughts in my mind.
  • The Medieval Castle is something you really can not miss. If you like old stone castles then you will love it. It demands a little walking though for it in high ground but it is perhaps better for it allows you to pay attention to little details that exist everywhere. Even the stone pavement is interesting for it is so well preserved that it looks like you are walking together with people of another time. One should know that there is more then one entrance to the castle and I found out later that they found recently a secret passage in one of the castle many rooms. That is something I regret  not to see.

There are also a lot of other things to do such as diving while the traditional restaurants have all delicious and quite varied foods. If there is however one advice that I can give to someone that goes to Ibiza for the first time that is this: “Forget everything and start wandering without a plan. In a place like this you can never know what you cross your path”.


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