Lock picking – The Black Art !

Locks are everywhere as the main guardian of our assets and valuables on doors and windows of our houses, on lockers carrying our valuables, our cars, scooters etc. Mostly we carry five to 10 keys with us all the time whenever we go out. Each one of us definitely interacts with locks every day and everywhere. I must say that locks are one of the main guardians of civilisation.

The main reason to use locks is to get sense of security. But many times we see in movies, television serial etc that burglars, spies are opening locks easily using only a couple of paper clips. This definitely forces us to this if it really possible to open a lock so easily.

To this my answer is big YES and this art is called LOCKPICKING.

Lock-picking means opening locks without original keys. Though normally it is criminal skill but many times there are genuine reasons also for lock-picking like loss of key, or with any police/ criminal investigation there is need to open lockers etc with legal consent.

Lock-picking is normally to be used when there is no other way to circumvent the lock like entering through windows etc. Also locks can be opened through destructive methods as using crowbar, drill, bolt-cutter, hydraulic jack etc. Also when we are dealing with some old antique lock instead of damaging the lock we would like to open it so that it can be rekeyed. We would also like to do lock-picking is we want secret entry otherwise the other destructive means can easily be observed.

Lock-picking tools are of varied types and are openly available in market and even on internet. Lock-picking tools are normally made of harder materials as steel, iron etc as they have to work against the softer brass made lock parts. Many different selections are present. Nine-piece sets and a 32-piece set equipped with a Pick Gun are few examples which differ in value and price greatly.

For sophisticated lock picking to leave minimum forensic evidence lock-picking tools are also made of other materials as fibre glass, carbon fibre etc. Though the sophisticate lock-picking kits have varied number of picks for various purposes, but as per professional lock pickers basic 5 types of lock-picks can open most of the normally used locks in day today life. Lock-picks can also be machined and prepared manually at home, but this needs some specific professional skills.

As locks are of different kinds as lever locks, normal key locks, padlocks, combination locks, electronic locks, so are the lock-picking tools and techniques. It is matter of great detail to talk about all these locks and their lock-picking techniques. Moreover for added security now locks are also combined with security alarm systems, security cameras so that as soon as someone makes attempt to pick a lock people are alerted.

Lock-picking is also a sport and competitions are organised at many places in which Lock-pickers show their skill in opening different type of locks through various tools and techniques, with leaving any or minimum forensic evidence.


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