The Magic Ingredients

If you are one of those who look forward to an off day from cooking or dine out with friends and family then there is nothing more divine as Italian food for dinner! Famous for its combination of fresh veggies, grains, fruit, meat and fish, etc, Italian food has been recognized to be one of the most delicious treats all over the world. The significant tastes that it brings about with the usage of special ingredients make it more distinctive and likely to be chosen among other cuisines.

Another feature that makes Italian cuisines famous along with the taste is the health benefits that they provide. This is probably why the Mediterranean and seasonal ingredients used in the traditional Italian cuisines are thought to be a perfect combo of flavor and healthiness. From pizza to pasta, risotto and polenta, you just ought to name it! There is an endless list of dishes with their nutritional value and great taste. What is different about these cuisines and might not be known to a majority is that Italian food has its own regional value. Meaning, the taste differs according to the ingredients available in various regions; the locally grown vegetables and other constituents give a unique taste to the same dish over and over again.

The best part of Italian cuisines and also what appeals a lot to food lovers is the quality of food. Along with being rich in taste, the Italian cuisine is relatively light and easy to digest. This is due to the very fact that it is prepared in pure olive oil and largely emphasizes upon usage of seasonal vegetables.

Although it might be costly for people living in other parts of the world to include olive oil while cooking, yet the aroma that it assigns to the dishes is unmatched.

  •  The Italian food usually comprises of hot or cold appetizers referred to as antipasto at the very first step which is then followed by pasta or soup
  • The pasta- also called primo is generally served in a single plate and can vary according to the type – it is prepared in sauce or served with condiments
  • Next on the menu is the main course – secondo comprises of fish or meat as the main components. However, veggies can be ordered as a side dish if desired.
  • The main course is followed by the dessert or dolce and coffee consequently
  • Finally; after all that is done, comes the digestivi– a kind of liquor meant for digestion.

It is known that the Italians enjoy food and take it as a family reunion type of a thing rather than swallowing some edibles in a hassle. This gives them a chance to get together and have a chit chat over the table, enjoying the meal at the same time. This concept of eating slowly also has been proven beneficial scientifically. Studies reveal that it actually contributes to lower satiation levels.

So, the next time you want to have a meal cum gathering, I suggest you go for Italian!


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