Medical Aesthetics !

Medical aesthetics pertains to advanced skin care methods, which are carried out my merging health care and beauty therapy. It is a thriving industry owing to the implementation of high-tech treatment methods based on medical procedures, in trying to bring about cosmetic enhancements. A notable fact is that most of the procedures involve no anesthesia and no surgical scars. With almost nil recovery period and negligible discomfort, the outcome is a revitalized and youthful look. Medical aesthetics has progressed to a great extent thanks to the tremendous advancements in medical cosmetology.

The origin of medical aesthetics dates back to the 1990’s when with the help of energy-based tools constructive and complimentary alterations in the human tissue used to be done that too very successfully. The first success was to seal vascular lesions like spider naevi and telangiestasia. Damaged capillaries were treated using the heat emanating from a laser beam. Laser is capable of activating the natural healing tendency of the body. Prior to their role in cosmetology, laser beams played a significant role in ophthalmic surgeries.

In due course, several energy-based methods came into being, apart from the advancements in laser technologies.  In today’s technological era, help of laser technology is taken to tighten the skin, remove unwanted hair and even rid off tattoos. Energy-based apparatus has been designed to incite collagen manufacture, which in turn eliminates wrinkles on the skin. Medical aesthetics collaborate with cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and doctors to provide their services. As the most trained professionals in the beauty industry, medical aesthetics are all well qualified to work in the health care division. General aesthetics and cosmologists work in beauty salons or spa settings. Several cosmetic problems, such as cellulite, acne and hair removal can be treated effectively through medical aesthetic methods. Advanced methods are extremely useful for trauma victims and patients recovering from neck and head injuries.

Well-trained medical aesthetics enlighten their patients about cosmetic enhancements, with regard to their benefits and after care. They are aware of the finest details involved in skin care and the various skin rejuvenation techniques, including wraps and massage. It is important to understand the role of trained and experienced hands in skin care techniques, as they accelerate the healing process by causing swelling and pain to recede faster.  Bot-ox, microdermabrasion, mesotherapy, sclerotherapy and photo-rejuvenation are some of the better known medical aesthetic rules.

Today, self-esteem, confidence and even social acceptance all are based on looking good, and medical aesthetics play a vital role in this regard.  While beauty clinics handle only the cosmetic aspect, medical aesthetics handles both the cosmetic and medical aspect of the problem. The benefits are incredible in view of the non-evasive treatment methods and the increasing demand for anti-aging therapies.


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