Cooking while on diet !

Many of the women I know are always complaining about their weight and about how hard it is for them to stay on a diet, especially if they have to cook for their families.

When one lives alone or with someone that has the same eating habits he/she has, it is not that difficult to set up an eating program and to respect it. Sometimes having a partner with the same problem that you have, can find you both to respect the diet you have imposed on you. Still, this issue seems to be more problematic for those that are exposed to temptations not only when they get out, but also back at their homes. Being a family man implies not only providing money and affection for your relatives; from where I come, cooking is also a proof of carrying.

Good-eating-habitsWe all know that the food we prepare in our kitchens is, most of the times, much healthier and tasty than what we can find in fast foods or restaurants. Still, there are many reasons to avoid cooking: we don’t have time for it, we are not very good at it, we love the fast food from the corner of our building (and our family loves it too), and we find some of the recipes of the cookery book too expensive. So the majority of us manage to escape the kitchen using these as an excuse, up to some point when we realize we can’t go like this any further if we want to have a long, quality life.

“What we eat is what we are” I heard someone saying. I am inclined to believe this is true because the modern man is now an overweight man, mostly because of his bad eating habits. Of course, there are some other factors that can make us put on weight (like stress, for example) and we should not put the blame on people for their physical appearance. In these conditions it is understandable the concern of modern women and not only, for getting a slim body. But going to gym is not something we all have time to do and using the treadmill while watching television in the evening, after a very busy day, is not one of our hobbies either.

So, what’s left to do? We could at least try to walk for least half an hour a day, so that we put our muscles to work, and to compensate with what we eat and drink. This way we can manage into keeping our silhouette as it is and preventing it from getting worse. For those with a strong willingness, cooking while on a diet is not a real torture. For the others, that can’t control themselves when they sense the smell of fresh-baked pizza or God knows what other bomb of calories, I recommend drinking a lot of fluids (preferably water) and only tasting the relish. It worked on me, and I believe it could work on you too.

To close, if a sport is not one of your strengths you should try to abstain from eating all you see or smell. And remember, being on a diet is not an excuse to deprive your family or others from home cooked meals.

Ashuli Jain


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