Vintage Watches – How to Buy one!



Vintage Watches are actually classic piece of art, which holds the memories of time gone. The craze is so great that a Vintage watch never goes out of style. But for the collectors, sometimes their craze turns out to the reason for being fooled. So, here we shall try to give ways to go for the vintage game with care so as not to get cheated.

So, let’s first ask what actually a Vintage Watch?

Does Vintage Watch mean the old, rusty, antique, pocket timepiece, from the city market? The answer is “No”. What is a Vintage watch worth its metal is the one that is:

  • It is Mechanical. After all the electronic ones do not last long
  • Simple, like the good old times.
  • Most important, it should be iconic sought after brand in its times and the one that people still remember or nostalgic about.

Moreover, as you will not find any authorized dealers still working for these old watches, so the place from where you buy such a piece is most important. There are also many unscrupulous elements working to dupe you.

So, here are some of the suggestions to help you find the right piece to buy, right place from where to buy and the right way on how to buy with proper safeguard to avoid being cheated.

  •  To be called “Vintage”, it should look like one. It should not look as if has freshly come out of the factory.
  • The watch must have the original parts, for worth its price. Replacement of parts destroys the vintage value of the piece. The most important part is the watch’s dial. The original dial, gives almost 70% vintage values to the watch.
  • If the original box and papers is also retained, then nothing like it. It not only helps to authenticate the piece easily, but helps in reselling it afterwards.
  • It should preferably be a working piece of watch. After all, once you wear it on your wrist then you will expect it to serve the purpose of a watch. If it is not functioning, then paying extra to get it done also is worth an effort.
  • Buy from a reputed place. Such sellers have reputation to defend. Being an expert, they do the proper due diligence for you to make sure that source is authentic and piece is genuine. Some good sellers also give the certificate of originality and protect you with proper insurance policy.
  • The Seller should have proper return policy if you are not satisfied or you have some genuine reasons not to be happy about. They will certainly consider you. Many reputed sellers accept fixed time period 100% refund policy, with no deduction and no questions asked. Not that you are buying to return it, but such sales policy shows the confidence of Seller in its product and that goes in favor of the buyer.
  • Check for the after sales service that the Seller offers. It should not happen that it is one time interaction. The vintage watches are sensitive pieces and need special care. So, they need experts to keep them in good shape to be of worth. So good sellers give the after sales support including regular preventive and if required breakdown maintenance. So, opt for a seller who is there to help even after completing the sale.
  • There are some brands which are most sought after in the field of Vintage watches. These are Vintage Omega, Vintage Rolex and Vintage Submariner. There are many reputed sellers who are selling such pieces and once bought the buyer will be able to easily get proper after sales support also. These watches also have good resale market, so even an investor can go for them.

So, if you are beginner in the game of Vintage watches, try to remember the tips given above. It will help you in buying the right Vintage watch.


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