Shine Out Bright from the Crowd with Vintage Rolex Watches!

Vintage Rolex

We all know the success of Rolex as the largest luxury watch brand in the world. Fans do know to what importance does the Vintage Rolex stands for.  With an annual production capacity of more than 1 million watches a year, the market for vintage Rolex watches is also to an increase. The auction of a recent Rolex model 5510 submariner was sealed at a whopping amount of $98,500.

Today collectors are ready to pay any amount for the vintage Rolex watches. Less rare vintages are priced low, and the prices go up from the pre-owned watches to the older collectible vintages.  The market says that only a vintage Rolex can fetch the best price in any corner of the world, such is the brilliance of these “old timers”. Since Rolex is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of mid-priced luxury watches, with relatively very little change in the watch designs over a decade; one best thing about having a vintage Rolex watch is that the designs have evolved very slowly, so one can easily recognize whether it is a Rolex or some other watch. This also makes it extremely accurate, reliable, and durable with well-appreciated designs.

A vintage Rolex watch advertises a person’s affluence. But sometimes people may take as wrong notion that one is trying to showcase his/her affluence and status and the sole reason for buying the watch.  One could have bought it simple because he/she like the beauty of the watch, but this can’t stop people from assuming that one could have had better motives. Wearing an iconic vintage Rolex like a Paul Newman’s Daytona or the Sports Submarine is not only about getting stylish look or show casing one’s status symbol. According to vintage Rolex dealers, buyer look for vintage watches because of the history attached to it. They simply love that they own something that is very rare and is world known.

The market for vintage Rolex is very large and strong. The dealers and buyers treat them as jewelry, if it’s not appealing and does not have the adequate beauty it won’t sell. The historic appeal also works a lot. This is what attracts them. The vintage Rolex submarines are always in demand. $2000-$3000 is the normal rate under which the vintage Rolex are traded.  Few of the dealers have over 20 years of experience in selling high-grade vintage Rolex watches.  The best sought out vintage Rolex for sale are from the 60’s and 70’s era. The customers and experts are allowed to browse through the extensive array of beautiful watches.

The market for vintage Rolex is getting stronger than ever. Experts know that it is about the watches itself, the condition and the look. Vintage Rolex stainless steel Sports submariner, which are priced between $2,000 and $5,000, are the most in-demand Rolex models at these markets. They’ve been popular probably since the beginning of 1980s. The dealers also export and import the vintage watches worldwide.


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