Blogging Anonymously or not ?

Today I am going to show the facts of Anonymous blogging. Why people prefer to use pseudonym instead of their own name.


There are several reasons that support the idea of blogging anonymously. Most persuading aspect of blogging gives the freedom of voice and your real connection to the real world. Where expression of thoughts are limitless. When we talk about real freedom there comes a need of Pseudonym (using fake name). You obviously don’t want to show yourself or attach your real name when you talk about something that is secret, personal or controversial.

Blogging Anonymously gives you chance to be honest and open while commenting. You’ll probably express your ideas more openly about anything like secrets, sex, relationships, dates, workplace, bosses, etc. that you can’t express in your life easily. You can even discuss those things which are against your professional life, relatives, negative experiences. You may give deeper pros and cons of your professional life or job. So blogging anonymously gives you more breathing space when things are not directly associated with your personal identity.

You are not representative of what you are writing, so there is no tension of being disliked, disagreed, and being questioned. You are not accountable for any comments you posted. You are not directly hit by visitors and their opinions. It is a complete separation of your personal life, Professional life and blogging personality (Pseudonym).

On the other hand, there are also several reasons for not blogging anonymously. One and the most problematic thing is that you start living virtual life other than your own real live. You have to keep your blogging identity (Pseudonym) separate from your real Identity. You can’t share your blog with your friends or family in sake of anonymity which eventual lead you far away from your real friends and family. It is also hard to get readers or followers without real friends and acquaintances. You have to struggle harder to get first traffic for your blog.

Secondly you are completely separate from your personal life; you have to stick to the pseudonym in any or all circumstances. Pseudonym and its characteristics should always be in your mind and you have to make sure your anonymity for every piece of information that you are revealing on blog posts.

Hiding / keeping yourself behind the wall is not possible at all in today’s dynamic world of communication and in the age of connected societies, it is very hard to keep anonymity and there is always a chance to get caught or uncovered. People with little technical skills can find you. Even successfully anonymous bloggers have revealed today. Only technically experienced people should blog anonymously.

Mostly people, when go anonymous; become worse, rude or untruthful incredibly. So there is always a fear of being caught and if/when such things happened then your reader would be annoyed and angry towards you. Stay ready to face such circumstances. You should keep this aspect of being exposed while choosing to be an anonymous blogger.

Pseudonym or antonym both have their advantages and disadvantages associated with them. In my personal view, Anonymity is best tool while blogging although it has some disadvantages but benefits are far more than that of drawbacks. Despite of being discovered or chances of losing anonymity, it supports the main reasons of blogging that is true openness of ideas without any pressure or fear from readers. You can’t reveal ideas from the depth of your mind when you have to think about the people you are talking about. The main idea behind blogging anonymously should not only be saving / hiding your identity but also the readers. You should not address or target a particularly person in your posts. Do express what you want in general prospect. Your comments or blogs post should not hurt or target the feelings of specific group of people. Always criticize to comment using generalized approach.

Always post in positive way, just to show what you think about a particular subject / matter under discussion and ask others to post their ideas in favor of yours or against your views / ideas.

Best of luck for Blogging anonymously.



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