Biceps and Triceps Workout !

The biceps and triceps workout details given here belong to intermediate workouts to strengthen the bicep and triceps muscles of your arms. It’s advised that one must do 10 reps per exercise to get best results.


Some precautions before you actually go for the biceps and triceps workout work out:-

  • If you have any injury, illness or medical complication, please see your doctor and start only after getting his expert advice. This will end any chance of harm or injury thereby aggravating your problem.
  • Choose a weight as heavy as you can comfortably lift and complete 10 reps. As time passes you can increase but slowly.
  • Normally the workout gets completed at normal pace in 30-40 minutes. So adjust your pace so, neither too fast nor too slow.


To complete the routine you need equipment’s as barbels, different weighted dumbbells, a step or bench and if possible an exercise ball or chair.


Before actually going for the workout, one must do proper warm-up. For this one can do the jogging for 5 to 10 minutes. Else one can also do the following (Warm Up Triceps Schedule) exercise with dumbbells for warm up.

Take 4 dumbbells ranging from light to heavy. Sit straight on a char or on an exercise ball. Start with light weights. Hold them in both the hands; stretch the arms straight overhead such that elbows are touching your ears. Then slowly lower the weights behind your back. Hold for few seconds at 90 Deg than lower it completely. Hold again for few seconds and then slowly reverse the hands back in normal position.

The exercise is repeated in schedule of 14 reps with light weight, 12 reps with medium weight, 10 reps for medium-heavy weight and 8 reps for the heavy weight.

This schedule will make sure that the muscles are properly warmed up before subjecting them to real work out for best results and cut possibility of damage.

 Main Schedule

Now let’s discuss some of the other exercises which can be done as part of normal schedule

a)      Skull strengthener

Lie down on bench; start with heavy bar bell holding it straight on chest with palms facing outwards. Now lift the barbels to bring the weight towards the head. Hold for due seconds when the arms are at 90 Deg. Then bring the weight right up to back of head. Hold for few seconds and then take the weights back to original position. Repeat this exercise for 10 reps.

b)      Kickbacks (Exercises not the real ones)

Hold the weights in both hands. Bring then close to chest. Then bend forward is that the spinal cord becomes parallel to ground. Then straighten the arms and then take the arms backwards lifting the weight up to hips. Hold for few seconds and then bring the weights back close to chest and then straighten up. Repeat the exercise for 10 times.

There will be more to follow in future articles to detail the complete biceps and triceps workout. The followers do the schedule in a proper gym or under supervision of a physical instruction for best results.



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