Handling Tantrums With Love !

300px-ParentChildIcon.svgIt is quite normal for children to throw tantrums when they are with a parent in a public shopping mall and as a parent one may go wondering, “How do I handle this?”

Your answer to such a question is, ‘Yes, it’s normal for children to do that!’. Combining love and logic in parenting is the greatest challenge every mother or father faces in situations like this. Why ???

It is always necessary to bring happiness and fun into parenting, but try to raise your kids to always be happy and responsible. Children believe in getting anything as long as the father or mother is around but they may not understand or know the parent’s financial ability.

As a parent, the regular trip to the grocery store should not become dreaded or grueling. Next time you have such a trip to the store with kids, try the two possible solutions.

Instead of warnings and lectures, act in love.

To make mall visit fun instead of frantic, avoid loud words.

Just Act!

Happy parents raise the most responsible kids by saying very little when their kids throw tantrums. The parent allows logical consequences or loving actions to teach the kid.

For example, your little Arnav is toddling along in the mall. Suddenly, he stops at the toys shelves. It would be wise not to waste your precious energy by warning not to touch things or to hurry up so that he keeps up with you. Instead, you can glance at him out of the corner of your eye, keep walking and find a place just out of sight where you can watch him keenly.

The moment he cannot see you, but you can see him; he will obviously realize suddenly that he might be lost. He would look around and on not seeing you, the boy would panic a bit, and begins to run down the shelve corridors. As he turns the corner and sees you, giggle and smile saying, “Oh, you found me!” and continue walking.

Arnav starts to learn, “It’s important I keep up with Daddy in here.”

When tantrums erupt, do not panic. Try being silly.

A number of parents would follow disciplinary reactive strategies in handling tantrums. These only make their life miserable and instead the tantrums become a supermarket tradition for the kids.


The parent gets angry, frustrated, embarrassed and starts saying all sorts of things; “Stop making noise!” or “I’ll beat you up.” With love, a parent is not afraid to have some fun instead.

For example, Riya wants some bar of chocolate and it is now. On the floor, she rolls and at the same time begins to scream, “I want it! I want it!” How do you respond? Smiles and says, “Nice try little girl, but I think I can do it better. Let me show you how it’s done.” Riya gets a big surprise as you begin to jump up and down yelling, “I want it! I want it!”

How does Riya respond? She stops making the noise, stands up, and begs, “Mom. Stop it.”

We can use these methods to control situations that surprise parents when children scare or disrespect them in public. As a parent, always try to correct your child with love but remember to develop discipline. It is a very healthy way of reducing stress for both the parent and the child.


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