10 reasons to eat a banana !


Ever seen a tennis match? Ever notice the players eat a banana between sets?!! Well it is true, if you did not know that till now, well now you do. It does not take a brain genius to understand what that means. It means that bananas are a well of strength, vitamins, and energy. Since early childhood, I was always forced to eat bananas. But this did not sink in till really late in my life. I hope after going through the article you will realize how many health benefits a banana has.

1.     Vitamins

Now all fruits have vitamins in them. But the vitamins found in a banana are really good for health. A banana has two vitamins, vitamin C and vitamin B-6. Let me give you a bit of information about these two vitamins. Vitamin C is essential for your body. It helps to make the immune system stronger along with helping the health of your cells. What vitamin C is great at is helping your body absorb iron from iron rich contents.  While Vitamin B-6 is essential for you’re the growth of new cells. Just think about it with just two bananas in day, you get two of the most important functions in your body strengthened.

2.     Blood pressure

With bananas it is easy to stay fit all your life. That is if you are having a banana regularly. For anything to affect your body, you should take it regularly. Now there have been different studies about what all bananas can do inside your body, and one of them is to keep your blood pressure levels stable. Basically what happens is that the potassium content in the banana helps keep the blood pressure from rising. By keeping this in mind, you will be able to reap the health benefits of a banana. This will help to prevent cholesterol, heart attacks, and strokes. I bet you did not know that!

3.     Banana’s skin benefits

We are all worried about the state of wear and tear our skin goes through over the years. This has made it easier for companies to target women over thirty for their anti-ageing products. Let me in on a secret; bananas are amazing at being an anti-ageing fruit. They have all the right ingredients to help your skin look young and fresh. Bananas are rich in vitamin A, B and E. these are the same ingredients which anti-ageing products claim to have in them. You can get them for a lower and healthier price if you buy bananas.

4.     Banana weight loss benefits

Losing weight is not an easy thing to do. There are so many diets around, all claiming success. However, they all need you to cut down, trim down, or shift to substitutes. However, bananas are the solution to all these problems. Having a banana gives you an amazing energy boost. This helps you stay fresh and feeling full for some time. Mainly is the is the fiber content of the banana which helps you stay feeling full and away from snacking and eating junk food. It’s said that if you are on an exercise plan, then eating a banana is your best bet. It gives you enough energy to work out for an hour and half non-stop. This is one of the best health benefits of bananas.

5.     Banana as a mood lifter

Some foods like chocolate just make you happier. Why is that? Well there are different chemicals which are responsible for it. Just like that, bananas have a chemical which relaxes your mind. It’s tryptophan. This chemical helps relax the eater of banana’s brain. After this the person starts to feel happier. It’s being noticed through different researches that eating a banana helps patients of depression. This adds to the health benefits of bananas.

6.     Workout and bananas

Bananas are beneficial anytime of the day. However, you should eat a banana right after you work out. The reason for that is, it is an energy booster. The fruit refuel your body instantly. The energy drinks you have after work outs are a complete waste of money. All you need to do is have two bananas and all the energy you used up while working out will be back.

7.     Brain power

Through different researches, an amazing conclusion has come up. Bananas are wonderful for your brain. The exact science of it is a bit murky. However, through a research, when students of a school were given a regular diet of bananas, their overall performance at school increased. That is why it is said to feed children bananas.

8.     Curing a Hangover

Not many people are aware that bananas are great at curing hangovers. This health benefit of bananas is an amazing tip to stay aware of. By having a banana milkshake with pure honey all your worries of a hangover will disappear. The honey helps to increase the blood sugar level. Then the banana helps to calm the stomach. This way your hangover disappears quickly and painlessly.

9.     Bone health

Want to know another secret health benefit of a banana? It helps the bones of your body. The potassium in the bananas helps to make healthy bones. Since it helps build the calcium levels in the body which are lost due to urine. So to have healthy bones, eating bananas is one of the best ways.

10.  Diarrhea

Bananas are a great cure for diarrhea. It helps to settle the stomach easily. Potassium content in the banana helps to restore the electrolytes the body needs. This helps to keep the fluids in the body balanced. This then helps to cure diarrhea.

We all like to have nice skin, shapely bodies, light moods and a great strong internal system. While there are many things which are done for all of these, getting them through something natural and harmless is an added bonus. It something no one should miss out one. The health benefits of bananas can’t be ignored by anyone.


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