Changing Schools!

School is the place, which inculcates social and moral values in our kids along with the education. Children make friends, play games, learn creative and value things to build a strong character boosting up their emotional intelligence.

Starting a new school for our children could be an exciting experience as far as the change is for a good reason. This change can be as small as moving schools within an area or within city and as big as moving to a new country with totally different culture and language. There could be many personal, financial or educational reasons for moving schools.

Few of these are:

  • Transfer of one of the parents is the most common reason for changing school. There are many kinds of jobs such as banking, services or administrative, which requires transfer from one place to another.
  • Family’s financial condition is another main concern forcing the child to move to a budget school.
  • Accessibility of school from home is the obvious reason to choose a nearby school. Many times it happens that a new school has started near your home and you willingly and happily arrange the change for your child.
  • Changing from a local town school to a remotely located boarding school for reasons like better study environment and results in home-sickness.
  • High quality educated teaching staff in a hope to improve grades turns our decision to convince a child for moving schools
  • Family issue is a less common reason to change school. Parents take divorce and the child moves with one of them.

Starting a new school and selecting the most suitable one for your child is a stressful and crucial process especially when moving to all new places. My seven-year old son is just like other kids, least interested in moving to a new school; but then come circumstances forced me to do so. Meeting all strangers is the scariest thing for them. We can make this easier by spending time with the child and carefully and slowly making him to adopt the change with proper conversation and guidance.

Few tips on this are as follows:

  • Stay enthusiastic enough for the change inspiring the child to look forward for it.
  • Discuss the change with the child. This will prepare him emotionally by the time you move.
  • You can take the child to visit the new school before actually moving there. This will make him little comfortable and adaptive for the new place.
  • Encourage them to make new friends and start new hobbies or develop interest in sports or any extra curricular activities of their interest.

Change is always for some unavoidable reason. It is up to the parents that how much exciting they can make moving schools for their children.


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