Holidaying in Italy!

italy_venice_wallpaper-normalItaly, one of the most beautiful countries of the world, itches out great sense of interest in the minds of tourists. A country best known for its production of olive oils, great food like pizzas and pastas and rich heritage of wines, it has always drawn the attention of tourists. Italy has been historically very significant. We are all aware of the Roman dominion, the Renaissance, the great paintings, the palaces that have been immensely famous around the world. But there are many more that a tourist needs to know.

There are plenty of important destinations that one needs to know about when planning for a holiday in Italy. Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, Tuscany are some of the exotic locations that lies in the heart of Italy. With a number of landscapes and rich cultural heritage, these places have established themselves as renowned locations for Italy holidays.

1italycolIn order to meet the increasing demands of tourist hotels, luxurious farmhouses, villas and apartments all got set up in the exotic locations of Rome, Tuscany etc. These give an extra bit of comfort to the tourists. Facilities of swimming pool, furnished kitchen along with open terrace seating accommodations have been also crafted to fulfill the luxury and comfort level of the tourists. Trendy furniture’s and fixtures are there to give extra value to these apartments. Such accommodations will make you feel homely.

When you wish to see the best of Italy, make sure that you go to these places of visit. Portofino and Tigullio Gulf, Palazzo Te, Trattoria Corrieri, Café Florian, Galleria dell’Accademia, Da Michele, Assisi, Abruzzi, Mount Etna and Monte Solaro are the best destinations that a tourist thrives to visit during Italy holidays.

Italian towns have an excellent transport service that includes trains, buses, trams, metros. The public transport service is cheap and efficient as well. Public transport is the best option to visit the Italian towns. But car hire facility is also available at very cheap rates.

Italy has a rich architectural heritage. Churches and other heritage building etch the outlines of the Renaissance period. The domes, the arches exemplify stunning architecture. Italy has large number of traditional and food festivals.

So make sure to browse through the online Italy travel guide before heading out for Italy holidays.


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