Closets are small enclosures that are generally made for storage. In most homes the awkward spaces such as those under stairways are often converted to closets so they can be maximized.

A closet has its beginning in the 17th century as a small place that is situated behind a bedroom where one can retire if he needs privacy, or for reading, or creating works of art and other enjoyable activites.

From being a simple room for privacy, closets have evolved into the most modern enclosures with multiple variations but still generally retaining its storage function. They can now range from the most minimally space-occupying closets to the customized closets occupying one whole master bedroom-sized room.

The number of closets one requires depends on the lifestyle he has. People living a simple life need simple closets while high society personalities such as celebrities hire closet designers who are often part of closet companies to build, organize and manage their closets particularly their wardrobe closets. Celebrities often have custom designed closets storing their customized wardrobe as this is part of their image building.

In any house you can find different kinds of closets serving different kinds of storage purposes. There are wall closet, walk-in closet, utility closet, linen closet, coat closet, and the pantry.

Wall closet is the usual type of closet that offers enough space that can be used for hanging clothes.  Normally located in the bedroom but can also be built in hallways adjacent to the bedroom.

Walk-in closet is an extended wall closet. It is usually found in bedrooms and bathrooms as storage place for clothing and accessories such as shoes, belts, jewelries and the like.

Utility closets as the name suggests are used to store home utilities such as water containers and heaters, mops and other cleaning materials, and cleaning supplies such as detergents and disinfectants.

A linen closet is normally built near bedrooms and bathrooms. This is where bed sheets, towels, pillowcases, curtains, and toiletries are stored.

Coat closets are closets located near the main door as their main purpose is to store coast and accessories of guests that are just visiting and are not staying for a long period.

The pantry or the food storage closet is built in the kitchen to store food that does not need refrigeration such as pastas, cereals, sugar, coffee, milk and canned goods. A pantry may also store kitchen items such as pots, pans, paper towels and other kitchen supplies.

The most customized closets are those that store clothes or the so called wardrobe closets or armoire. Most custom-made wardrobe closet come with modern closet system that have automated controls for opening and closing. The user need not go near a shelf or drawer to open it but can use a remote control to do so. Drawers storing jewelries are also pact with security features to ensure their safety.

The enclosed nature of closets makes them the favorite breeding ground for bacteria and other disease-causing elements. It is essential then to keep them clean, dry, well organized, and properly managed.


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