The Art of Acupuncture!

Acupuncture is one of those miracles of life that are still incomprehensible for general and orthodox methods of science. Some believe in its miracles others just wave it off their shoulders. There are debates on whether acupuncture is actually doing something with flowing energy within our bodies or is something totally alien to our mechanisms. Despite of all these debates and deliberate arguments, the number of those who believe in acupuncture is increasing day by day. There are many well-known authors and researchers who are turning their thoughts in affirmative towards positive effect of acupuncture on human body and various ailments.

As science works on logic and explanation and there are no obvious explanations available for the process of acupuncture, the discussions on topic are ever-increasing. Somehow, it’s a proven fact that when a needle is inserted it directly contacts brain via neurons and direct messages get transferred. These messages stimulate brain and increase production of analgesic endorphin’s  This substance causes relief in pain. Another theory suggests that acupuncture work directly on central nervous system, thus stimulating pain relieving nodes. Apart from all these researches and assumptions, there are no clear and clear explanations of acupuncture and effect of needles on central nervous system or brain of human beings.

Some of the Scientists try to carry out so many logic’s with acupuncture. Like every other scientific process, they try to describe acupuncture with definitions, explanations and scientific notions. Almost all the patients who are given treatment of acupuncture regain their will power and are immediately relieved from pain. Some people try to assert the statement that relief from pain is nothing more than will power. They try to prove their assumptions by giving examples of those who had suffered from fatal diseases but had recovered only because of their strong will power. However, if we go deep in the process we can see there is more in the bucket than just will power or tact of the acupuncture.

There are definitely some positive sources working in our body that act on our central nervous system and increase flow of the energy within our body. Whatever the debates and assumptions might be, there is no argument in the fact that almost all the patients who get acupuncture treatment are doing very well.


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