Driveway Lighting Ideas – Spruce up Your Driveway!

Lighting up your driveway superbly, makes it noticeable and eye-catching at night times, but it is a little tricky at times. A number of questions come to the mind while planning and designing driveway lighting. Have a look at the questions below, hopefully you’ll get satisfactory answers to your questions about driveway lighting, and you can get many ideas for designing your driveway lighting artistically.

How much light ?

Of course, your driveway is not a highway, and does not needs too much of light. You just need plenty light on your driveway for ensuring secure driving, and this much light will be surely enough for highlighting the splendor of your driveway perfectly.

Where should the lights be on your driveway?

This one is the most important question to answer. First of all, you have to figure out where to add lights on your driveway, and then you can select the suitable lights.

Where is the light needed on your driveway:

  1. Where the driveway starts.
  2. Where the driveway ends, i.e., your house door or garage.
  3. Where the driveway has a turn.
  4. Where there is any obstacle coming in the way like a wall, tree or fence etc.

What types of lights are advisable for driveway lighting?

A good choice and combination of outdoor light fixtures can help in creating a gorgeous look of your driveway for night times.

These are some types of lights for driveway lighting:

  • One or two lamp-post fixed at entrance of your driveway.
  • Outdoor lanterns are also a great choice on entrance pillars.
  • Path lights also look nice on the sides of driveway.
  • You can also find some beautiful lanterns for the sides of your driveway. These are available in different metal and stone designs.
  • Recessed lighting can also be a good addition on the driveway path.
  • Then there are wall sconces, wall lanterns, up lights and down lights for highlighting your driveway walls and floor design.

 Electrical Vs Solar lights – which one is better for your driveway?

Now a variety of solar lights are also available for outdoor lighting. These are comparatively inexpensive, easy to install and best of all, you’ll not need to pay any electricity bills for using these lights. But remember solar lights need good sunlight, so please consider your area climate before buying solar lights for your driveway.

In electric outdoor lights you can also consider buying energy savers or low voltage lights for lighting up your driveway the night very economically.



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