Love Your Liver!

Just right below our protective ribs is the most important organ of our body, which is in fact needed the most by any living person and we know it as Liver!

wine_2193450cIt helps in making substances which help immensely in the normal body functions like, blood clotting, absorption, digestion and in storing the much-needed nutrients.

Liver is the organ which gets affected mostly by alcohol consumption. That is the reason when discussing the harmful effects of alcohol; liver is always at the center of discussion and mostly its harmful effects. Normally the problems that occur are under ALD (Alcohol Liver Diseases).

Common diseases under ALD:

There are many symptoms which are actually different stages of binge drinking. The problem starts from fatty Liver and deteriorates to Hepatitis and then to Cirrhosis. It may happen that the entire three problems can occur at the same time. The ALD especially the Cirrhosis is one of the most common cause of alcohol related death.

Let’s discuss them one by one…

  •  Fatty Liver

This condition results after heavy alcohol consumption and most of the people develop this condition when heavy drinking becomes a habit for long duration’s.  Normally, this is reversible and normalcy shall be restored if drinking is totally stopped. But if the drinking gets started again then the situation may worsen, even leading to death.

  • Alcoholic Hepatitis

This is a situation in which liver gets inflammation.

Its symptoms:

  • Nausea
  • Swollen liver
  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Pain in stomach
  • Jaundice

This situation is not very common and only few of the drinkers develop these problems. But even moderate and occasional drinkers can get them.

  •  Cirrhosis

This happens when the damaged cells of liver are not allowed to repair themselves and they form a scar of dead cells in the liver which starts hindering the flow of blood thru liver thereby reducing the efficiency of liver. The problem with this disease is that its symptoms shows up only when it has grown to advanced stage.

Its symptoms:

  • Nausea
  • Pain in stomach
  • Poor appetite
  • Reduced mental stability
  • Confused mind
  • Lower energy levels and fatigue

The best cure is to stop drinking but if not then this can deteriorate and in such situations the mortality rate is almost 50%. Despite so much advancement in medical science still researchers are trying to find out the real cause of this problem. As such there is no effective method of treating it, except for stopping to drink. If the liver gets damaged too severely then the only option is to transplant.

Among heavy drinkers only 15-20% develops this condition and if attended timely the disease is treated. The best treatment is to stop drinking and care in taking certain medicines.

Besides the above mentioned problems which are the most common caused by binge drinking, some other complications, like the person who has Cirrhosis is at higher risk of liver cancer. Similarly the person with Hepatitis B or C combined with high alcohol consumption has higher chances of Cirrhosis than others.

In the end I will say that you do not get your liver twice. It is one of those vital organs which God has given only in one piece and the best treatment for the alcohol related complications is no drinking or at most disciplined drinking!

Seriously, it’s time to Love Your Liver!


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