4 Vegetables You Should Never Say No To!

We eat vegetables every day, but never consider the benefits we meet from eating them. People who have vegetables as a major part of their day-to-day diet are less likely to have chronic diseases. These are full of healthy nutrients which are vital for our health. But when it comes to competition, some outsmart others and this topic shall deal with those four vital vegetables that we should never miss on our daily diet. The list consists of tomatoes, broccoli, brussel’s sprouts and carrots. Let’s take a deeper look into each of these 4 vital vegetables.

1.         Tomatoes.       Tomatoes are a wonderful gift of nature which is full of health beneficial properties. Though they are a fruit but normally we take them as a vegetable. Tomatoes are low in calories, fat contents and have zero cholesterol level. These are full of antioxidants which help to fight cancer. They posses all the vitamins you can dream of ranging from Vitamin A to K.  Furthermore this nature’s gift protects us from skin cancer. Tomatoes are also said to improve vision and the flavonoids present in these red packets prevents lung cancer. The potassium found in tomatoes check heart rate and is also helpful in controlling Blood pressure. These are low in saturated fat and it is recommended that you take a glass of tomato juice daily to get all the good antioxidant qualities it possesses. And yes! These have no side effects.

2.         Broccoli.         The next big thing on our list of top 10 is Broccoli. Broccoli is full of anti oxidants which fight against cancers of lung and rectum. These are rich in Vitamin C and folate. These are a warehouse of all the best minerals you can dream for. The potassium in them helps in maintaining a healthy nervous system and assists the body in regulating blood pressure. Well the package doesn’t end here. It comes with calcium and Vitamin K to boost your bone health, Glucoraphanin to repair skin, beta-carotenes to booster your immune system and fiber which helps digestion. In a nut shell it’s a dream supplement.

3.         Brussel’s Sprouts.      So here comes the next contender for the best vegetable you shall find in the market. These are full of essential nutrients like fiber which decreases our cholesterol level and glucosinolates which fight inflammation and different cancers including breast, prostate and lung cancers. These are MUST for pregnant women as they are full of folic acid. The mineral list includes Vitamin K, C and A with health benefits of stronger bones, a healthy immune system and immunity boosting qualities.

4.         Carrots.          Start counting and the health benefits would never end. Yes! That’s the reason Bugs Bunny loved it. These prevent cancer. The beta-carotene in them improves vision and slows down the aging process. The carotenoids lower the chances of heart associated diseases, cut your chances of suffering from a stroke, and nourish and skin. These even help your dental hygiene by killing all the germs in your mouth. These are full of Vitamin A & C which help in blood regulation.

So don’t forget these qualities and join these vegetables in your daily diet!



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