Healthy Snacks To Munch Upon While Keeping Your Weight Down

Healthy Snacks To Munch Upon While Keeping Your Weight Down

            Good Snack’s are something we always crave for. Healthy snacks offer us iron, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients and keep our energy up while on the other side there are certain snacks which are heavy in fat and have less nutritional value. Who would not like to merge the good snacks in his diet and refrain from the bad ones? Listed below are those snacks which will not only rich in nutritional value but would also help in shedding some pounds

1.         Plain or Low Fat Yogurt.     Plain yogurt is low in sugar, a cup of which has around 150 calories. It is one of the healthiest foods and is a good source of calcium and protein. For flavoring we can add some fruits like strawberry or blue berry (good anti oxidants which protect your heart). It also keeps your blood sugar and insulin levels at balance. Try picking yoghurt that are low in fat.

2.         Vegetables.     These are one of the top healthiest snacks you can get with good levels of fiber which not only is good for digestion but also keeps your cholesterol on check. Carrots, frozen peas and corn are a good option so is celery. Vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, beets and asparagus are high in fiber, make your stomach feel full and satisfied and thus cut your hunger, leading towards weight loss.

3.         Fruits.             Fruits are a gift from God. Full of vitamins and other essential minerals these apart from providing us the sweet flavor also can help keep one’s weight under watch. These can be eaten raw, mixed in a salad or part of a healthy snack. Frozen fruits also taste good and keep their nutritional value. Eating fruits increase volume and lessens calorie density.

4.         Soy Chips.      Soy chips are an alternative to potato chips. So all of you who have stopped munching, start again! this time with soy chips. These are not only full of proteins and fibers but are also low in fats. Recent researches show that soy chips pluck the weight from our fats and not from our muscles.

5.         Go Nuts !.       These are effective anti oxidants, meaning by that these are really good for heart and cut the risks of chronic diseases. Nuts are rich in proteins, fibers and omega 3 fatty acids which help fight bad cholesterol and blood pressure. These are relatively high in calories so you might want to stick to lower quantities of nuts. They can also be consumed by combining them with other snacks such as yogurt to make a tasty combination.

Just by incorporating the above mentioned snacks in your diet, you can keep a check on your weight and quench your munching wish. These snacks can be eaten as they are or can be joined together as per taste to make endless combinations. Just by eating the right thing in the right proportions guarantee you a healthy life and a weight that’s under your watch all the time.


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