Ban on wild game hunting

Wild game hunting is no longer a sport in the African countries of Botswana, Zambia and the Latin American country of Costa Rica. Kenya had already banned big game hunting way back in 1977 and now it’s the turn of the other three.

In Botswana

The President of Botswana, Ian Khama, in his last speech to the nation previous year had stated that, the commitment of the nation to the conservation of local animals is violated when wild game african elephantare shot for sports and for collecting trophies.

The ban on the shooting of wild game in Botswana is going to come into effect from the start of 2014. Though Botswana boasted of the maximum number of elephants roaming on its public lands, the number has been greatly depleted by wild game hunting and poaching for trophies and this can’t be considered good just for sheer fun!

The ban does not cover the private reserves in Botswana.

In Zambia

Sylvia Masebo, Zambia’s minister for tourism in his note to Reuters has said that the tourists come to Zambia to see lions. If the lions get killed regularly as wild game, then ultimately the tourism industry in Zambia will die with the lions.

Hence a law has been passed recently in Zambia against shooting of lions and leopards as wild game.

In Costa Rica

african buffaloThe ban on all types of hunting and trapping throughout the country was passed by Costa Rica’s legislature late last year. The legislature made this ban into a law after deputations signed by more than 177,000 Costa Ricans were received by it. The ban does not cover hunting by indigenous people for their sustenance.  It does not cover the efforts of the forest officials used for culling animals to maintain the numbers within limits as well.

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