Why I Use EyeQuant ?

In today’s fast life, if you own an E-Commerce website or a business related one or any kind of webpage, you have to optimize its design and information to make most out of it.
To meet the purpose mentioned above there are many techniques/software to collect feedback’s about what people see in first few seconds of their visit on any website. One of the most accurate and one of the best of these is EYEQUANT.
EyeQuant’s technology has been developed after 20 years long research by the best attention scientists of the world. There are many reasons to use EyeQuant for the analysis and optimization of a web page. It predicts how a visitor look at your website with an accuracy of 90% using Neuro-Scientific models of human brain. It uses different technologies to analyze a web page visitor’s actions so that you do not have to rely on a single technology for your analysis.
First of all it uses the ‘Perception Maps’ to get an instant overview of what a visitor see on your page in first 3 seconds of his visit. So it helps you to categorize the information in a way such that main offers and benefits should catch the eye of user as soon as he opens the webpage. So it helps you to promote your business by making main offers and their benefits readily visible.
Secondly it uses ‘Attention Maps’ that shows more detailed results than perception map, and shows that which areas of your page get the most, least and medium attention. It uses heat map view and colors the areas that get the most attention as red, the medium attention as yellow and least attention as blue. In this way it helps in the fine tuning of your web page. It helps you to select suitable layouts and designs for your pages.
Then it uses ‘Hot Spots’, it combines the data of attention and perception map and show a globalized view by circling the 10 most visible spots of your web page. Bigger the circle, more the visual attraction gained by that area. More than one circle on an area indicates that it has been viewed more than once. In this way you can put your most valuable information in the most attractive areas making your website a success.
In the end it uses the ‘Region of Interest’ feature. It gives the most detailed result about your web page. It allows you to mark certain areas on your screen shot and then EyeQuant calculate a percentage value. This value indicates that how much more or less visible the area is than average of the page. If value is negative it means it is less visible than average, and if it is positive than it is more visible than average of web page. It also allows you to check that how well the keywords of your website are placed on your pages.
Moreover it provides flexibility to get and export your report in several formats. It gives one click Power Point or ‘PDF’ report so that you may use the format that suits your style of business
So EyeQuant provides you a complete report on your webpage starting from overall view to fine tuning of your page and right to the SEO optimization of your webpage. So it is a complete service to make your webpage and business a success.


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