Dangerously Gili Tepekong: What you need to know!

Bali always continues to attract visitors, from the home country Indonesia and abroad. It is difficult to tell which place you should visit first while spending holiday in the Island of Gods as each place boasts its uniqueness and exorcism you can’t ignore.

For water sports enthusiasts, Bali has lots to offer. Kuta, such as, is the world’s most favorite 75px-Kuta_Beach,_Bali_01surfing spot. While for divers and snorkelers, Bali is one of most visited dive destinations as this island has many attractive dive sites which are also home to amazing marine life.

One of the most popular dive sites in Bali is Gili Tepekong. Why is it so popular? Unlike other dive sites, Gili Tepekong is not famous for its beautiful corals, but it is well-known for being the most dangerous dive site in Bali.

But, why does this site still attract divers?

Gili Tepekong has strong current and people say it is like toilet drift that swirls you and tests your adrenaline. Despite those facts, divers still want to dive there and you have to try it on your own. You also will feel the mystique things while diving there. The most ideal time to dive in November, at the beginning of the southwest monsoon as the temperature is not that cold and there is no strong current. The visibility there can reach 20 meters and the temperature is 26 degrees Celsius but it often reaches under 20 degrees Celsius.

What else? Dive to the depth of 21 meters and you can enter the that connects the island’s east side Buzoand the west side. Then you will see some wonderful creatures such as ¬group of ribbon sweet lips (Plectorhinchus polytaenia) and diagonal banded sweet lips (Plectorhinchus lineatus) surrounding you in the blue water. Despite being the most dangerous dive spot, still you can’t miss diving there.

There are lots of dive operators that will take you there as well as other beautiful dive sites. Here are some diving centers in Gili Tepekong:

  • Bali Scuba

This dive operator offers lots of interesting packages, from dive trips to underwater photography course. For dive trips to Gili Tepekong, the price is US$ 165 for 3 speedboat dive (other US$ 25 for dive equipment rental if required). For those who want to take dive course, the diving center in Gili Tepekong offers a range of courses, such beginners, advance, instructor, technical and underwater photography.
You don’t need to worry if you are a first timer as the guides there are professional and friendly. They are ready to teach you how to dive and offer guidance which dive sites are safe for beginners.

  • Bali Diving Center

The price is quite affordable, ranging from Rp 600,000 to Rp 1,200,000 per person. For extra dive, the price is Rp 250,000 per person. Land and sea transport, tanks, weights belt, mineral water, dive-master/instructor, and lunch box included in the price.

Beside dive trips, there is also snorkeling trip starting from Rp 250,000 to Rp 350,000 per person.
Make sure you feel the sensation diving in the most dangerous dive site on Earth. These diving centers in Gili Tepekong are more than just happy to guide you there.


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