Eat Breakfast, Lose Weight!


Who doesn’t like to munch and still lose weight? Well that’s why skipping your breakfast thinking you will lose weight is not such a good idea. Researchers have proved that eating a light breakfast aids you in losing your weight (weight loss in people having breakfast was 72% more than those who skipped breakfast).

Here is the explanation of this interesting fact.

  •  During sleep time, the metabolic rate of our body slows down. Even after we wake-up it remains slow until we eat something. So to revitalize our body’s metabolism early in the morning, a low-fat breakfast is compulsory.
  • With a nutritious breakfast is inside your belly, you feel satisfied and are less likely to nibble upon other things which may increase your weight.
  • Breakfast increases Leptin, a hormone which suppresses appetite, enabling lesser caloric intake throughout the day.

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