Stay Hydrated!


Over half of our body weight (60%) is water. Each day we lose some of this water present in our body through various means like perspiration, excretion, etc. Approximately 90% of chemical reactions taking place in our body need water, so we need to make sure that we have requisite amount of water available us for those processes. The level of water in our body is the hydration level. An important thing that we normally miss out is the fact that dehydration, i.e. the lower water level, compromises the efficiency of our body’s functioning capability including our metabolism. Depriving our body of water makes our body store calories and not burning them. Researchers have proved that keeping your body hydrated can boost your metabolism to an ideal level.

Our body is an engine with metabolism as one of its primary functions. This engine requires water in abundance to run effectively. That’s where hydration becomes important. Drinking 10 glasses of water each day can help increasing and maintaining an ideal metabolic rate and thus helping us in losing weight the easy way.

So if you are considering losing weight, you have to make a routine to drink water. In the beginning it might be frustrating but eventually it will become easy and a well hydrated body will make you will feel more active. Not only this, but the kidneys will function better too, getting rid of the fats and toxins more efficiently. This routine starts as we wake up. Also drinking water before every meal is important to make us feel less hungry during the lunch or dinner. The rough idea is to get around 8 glasses of water a day. Another boosting up measure is to add ice to the water we are about to drink as it makes our body work harder to first heat it up in our stomach thus increasing our metabolism.


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