Interior Design!

We always feel enthusiastic while decorating our home or office. This is the reason that interior designing becomes a great passion for the style conscious people. Nowadays people are concentrating more on style, colors and kinds of furniture and fixtures to make the overall appearance of their living space look good. With a sound knowledge of interior design, we can change a simple dull looking corner or any area of our home or office into a favorite appealing area.

With changing times, more and more people are getting interested in redesigning their living space to suit their pocket and likings equally.  But due to lack of proper knowledge of interior design, no matter how much they try the result is not perfect. Then this course on interior design helps.

If you aspire to become an interior designer, then this is the right place to learn about this profession in a methodical manner. Apart from the theoretical and practical explanations, training sessions will also be offered to give hands on experience. Such kind of practical learning will help you to handle different design layouts in some of the odd areas of our home or any commercial place.

Topics include:

  • Visual Language of Design – Helps in learning and using the meanings behind different styles and designs.
  • Stylized decoration –Helps in learn to opt for the best design.
  • Strategic decisions – Teaches ways to create a feeling of ambience with the help of suitable furniture in various sizes, colors or shapes.
  • Space Analysis – Gives practical knowledge required for renovation works.
  • Effective Use of light – Insight into different forms of light and their proper decorative use.
  • Use of colors – Teaches ways to use different colors to make any place lively with the help of proper color combinations.
  • About Finishes – Gives the knowledge about the accessories to improve the aesthetic sense and their use in proper order.
  • Window Enhancements by fabrics – Teaches ways to use the best fabrics and their use in style.
  • Furniture Accessories – How to use different kinds of furniture, artwork and accessories as per design and budget.
  • Dealing with client – Tells ways to schedule and work as per client.
  • Art of communication – Tells on ways to convey your designs effectively.
  • Professional help – In this area you will receive help from already well placed people in the field.

Be assured that doing this course will not only help you enter a fast expanding lucrative career, but at the same time will enable you to plan your own person life and living spaces in best of ways.

After all you only live once, so live in style!


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