A Never Faded Camera!

Crime rates are too main stream in the last few years, especially with the issues of kidnapping children, killings of elderly people at home when alone and many other such situations. Earlier these things only happened in crowded places but as times pass by, the situation got worse. There is no assurance for children’s and elder’s safety even if they are just in their own home. Kidnappers, robbers and murderers are too advanced with setting up a plot for their bad intentions. The problem with children is that they are not conscious of what they are doing. They keep on playing near the house gate and running in the backyard. Want a solution for this prevalent matter? Why not use IP cameras?

Using IP camera is a must for some malls, supermarkets and other public places. But we should also be cautious at home, so IP camera is a good thing to use. Through this, every move of our children is easily monitored. Let’s look on the darker side. If there is someone who is trying to hurt your children, everything could be viewed through IP camera. After crimes can also be recorded for these IP cameras have documentation of previous video scenes.

Yes, everything is traceable today. But details are not clear. Some cameras capture videos in a blurred way. There are many instances that the moves of the mastermind cannot be seen well.  Most problems with surveillance cameras are the not so good quality of video. There usually comes a problem when the lighting is not good. These IP cameras are different. Its lens is 720p. Everything is clearly visible on the real point of video streaming and the after records. There are instances wherein even the video is good, but there comes a problem in streaming. IP cameras are to work 24/7 without any fallacies. So it would not stop working especially during the very time that it’s needed.

Whether the camera is outdoor or indoor, everything is perfect. One of the bonus features of these cameras is that it is under Online Network Video Interface Forum. Only IP cameras with good quality standard are a member of OnVif. These cameras even have QR codes. So each camera is distinguishable from the others. Parents and guardians could easily decide what to choose for their homes. They can know which suits best the needs of protection for their children. A working parent can still check the scenarios at home since they can view the happenings in the home online, providing an easy access. It is unlike CCTV wherein the video streaming is just on a mother screen. Even when parents are out-of-town, they can know what is happening inside the house.

Others may say that IP cameras are pricey. Take a further realization, and you’ll eventually comprehend that IP cameras are good investment as protection for children. We do not know what would happen in everyday life, so everything needs ensured. The videos captured are used as evidence when worst situation ever comes. IP cameras are not only for crimes. It can simply be used to detect children’s wrong doings. Just like breaking glass wares at home. Always remember that prevention and security of children is the very top on the list.



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