Success is inevitably yours–tame the Prophecy!

Are you trying to lose some extra pounds? Here are some baffling thoughts for you. Hey don’t worry you are not going to end up in cocoon of caterpillar and get your pants dank. It’s an example of precarious fight between human beliefs and behaviors.

Here we go:

  • You start your day with healthy food chart, work out to burn extra calories and probably notice changes right away.
  • Then as time passes by, you start loosing confidence on you, as whether you will be able to keep up this clumsy routine. You start thinking of the day when results will not come on your way. And soon you will put on weight again. And worse thing – you accept that “It is bound to happen”.
  • And once you start thinking in these lines and doubting yourself, you begin to expect your probable failures. You will become like an indolent leopard thinking that deer will come on its own to your mouth without any efforts. No more waking up early in the morning for exercise, no more diet chart, only looking for some shortcuts. You forget to fight back for success, as you use to do before. It’s because, you capitulate.
  • And finally its upshot time, for the trial that started for loosing some extra pounds; the weight comes back. Anguish, pain, defeated and cursing you – these are some negative behaviors that will come at the end of the day. You will say to yourself “You chipmunk! I told you, there was no way out and here is the result that stays.”

Welcome to the Self Fulfilling Prophecy!

A statement thought in mind can change the action and thus become true. It is a scientifically proven theory that delegates our expectations about our abilities serve as prophecies that figure the level of achievement we will reach. In simple lexis prophecy is the revelation of future events. And self prophecy is nothing extraordinary. These are simple thoughts or assumptions made in unplanned way, incidentally changes the course of life of the person. The self prophecy can be in positive or negative lines. Those who learn to feed the cattle never get kicked by a bull.

“The seed that you plant, will give back the seed of same plant”. Hey! I am not taking about the Newton’s third law of motion that says that for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. Don’t worry for your self prophecy act; you are not going to get equal reaction on its own.

Can you start talking to yourself out of the box of doubts?  Here are some four sizzling secrets to make the self-fulfilling prophecy really work for you.

The first course of action is to find proofs that it is possible. There are copious examples of such prophecies in literature, ancient civilization and of course modern internet libraries. You might have heard of the name Robert K. Merton – an American sociologist, who actually shaped the term “self-fulfilling prophecy”. Don’t feel lazy to take out a piece of paper. Write down your previous plan and analyze where you went wrong last time. Make a new fresh plan eliminating the snags last time. Ask yourself where did you go wrong last time? Every little tweak gets you to the perfect program for you.

Second accomplishment is to tell Negative Nancy to leave you alone! As told earlier this self-fulfilling prophecy has two sides of coin – Positive or Negative. Most of people wake up with negative prophecy, trying to avoid and finally land in the prophecy that comes in perilous ways. I am not telling that you control 100% of the negative thoughts coming to your mind; it is not at all possible for human beings. But yes, you can certainly cut down the longevity of negative thoughts. A simple taught example is that-what do you do when anyone starts annoying you? You either ask them to be quiet or you ignore them.

Thirdly, find someone who believes in you, at times when you don’t. The person can be your friend or your father or your husband or your wife, anybody who cares about you. Time will come when you will fall short of your goal, amalgamated with basketful of thoughts. At that point of time this person will prove to be fruitful in accountability of tasks and helping you tame the prophecy.

And, the last Verdict is Give yourself some credit. Look at what you have achieved so far. There may be small achievements, but it’s valuable. Think of the journey so far and the lessons unfolded. Write it down on the paper you used in the past to make plans. These small achievements will lay the foundation stone of the great future, built with strength, courage, and confidence. Here I come, success is mine and prophecy is my pet animal.


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