The beauty of webmail services


Ever wondered how will the communications means of humanity be if electronic mail (or as what we all call it — emails) were not invented? Most likely we’ll get stuck with postal mail delivery system. Businesses will not progress particularly those that are in the outsourcing and offshore fields. The communication part of the businesses is set to turmoil and on a very slow phase considering a lot of factors, particularly the time frame, which needs considered for postal mails.

The innovation of technology is perfectly tailor fitting the needs and the demands of humanity; thus, communication can be disseminated with a just a click away. No matter what time of the day is, no matter where a person is, may it be through a laptop, mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, and a lot more.

But let’s all get a better understanding about how the email system or web mail services really works. In layman’s term, the process of the web mail services is just as simple as writing a letter, sealing it in an envelope, dropping it to the post office in order for the letter to be delivered and the recipient or receiver to receive it. But with the “real” web mail services, you connect to the Internet using your laptop/smartphone device or any device with Internet access capabilities, you open your email account (from various email providers such as Yahoo!, Gmail, and Hotmail), you construct your email message, you key in the recipient’s email address, and you send it! Is that simple? Less hassle and more of a time saver!

The downside of it is that people needs access of the Internet. But for some reason, people need not to worry anymore as Gmail was able to come up with one great feature offering offline users to make use of their web mail client and application with the installation of Gears (a powerful web application which allows users to make use of online files to be used offline by simply adding up genuine features to the web browsers.)

Apart from communication, being the leading function/purpose of these web mail services, this has already emerged into the dynamic and intricate world of marketing. Email Marketing is slowly becoming a sensation in the world of marketing, and advertising. This is one of the tools primarily used and are preferred by most of the businesses in terms of product endorsements and introducing their business to the public.

Another form of business which is taking advantage of web mail services are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) building. This business helps pass all sorts of information about sending emails to increase a website’s traffic and get easily noticed in search engine software such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, AltaVista, Magellan,, Live Search, and a lot more. And most likely the innovation of web mail services will continue to revolutionize in terms of its purpose/function, considering the vast and rampant changes of things towards cutting edge innovations.

Talk about email providers, these are web-based domain sites which allows users to gain access to email services and other forms of communication products and services. Some of these famous websites that provides web mail services are: AOL Mail, Gmail, Hushmail, iCloud,,, Yahoo! Mail, and a lot more! Majority of these domain sites offers primarily web mail services and varies in all sorts of product features which most of the time comes in different forms of packages. Some of these features include: the cost of signing up an email account (where majority of these domain sites are free of charge in signing up an account), mailbox storage, attachment (file size) limit, language supported, browsers supported, Post Office Protocol (POP)/ POP version 3 (POP3), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Although, majority of the web mail service providers are equipped with most of the features indicated, most of the time, it all depends on user preference which of these web mail service providers to choose from and use. The functionalities of these features are best known when it is being applied to smart phone and other high-end gadgets which allow users to use web mail service anytime and anywhere.



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