Why Blogs Draw Readers Attention

Gone are the days when all the information you crave to catch on are stored inside the four-cornered library. Nowadays, as the world continues to renew dramatically, World Wide Web wends its way and greatly dominates our day to day experiences. Because of the existence of internet, different means to discover and explore the things we want to find out are readily available in our flat screened gadgets. This goes without saying that it won’t be necessary for us to go to a library and spend time reading there.

In the internet, we usually find writings necessary to provide us enough information. Of course, blogs are just one of them. Blogs are attractive—enough to draw almost everyone’s attention. What is a blog, by the way? And why does it attract more audiences than any other writings on the internet?

A blog is a shortened word from Weblog or web log. It is a page or site that basically gives informal discussions about certain topics that come up with a blogger’s (a person who blogs) mind. Blogging can be a very good and effective way to express personal thoughts, beliefs and ideas. When someone blogs, he or she tends to incorporate images, media objects and data to support his or her ideas in the content. A blog is arranged in chronological order and it usually is viewed in an HTML browser. Sometimes, a blogger adds a comment box right after each of his or her topic to raise comments from the readers.

So why is it an attraction to every reader?

Blogs are reader-friendly.

Of course, no one likes to read a content which is written in a too scholarly way. The same goes with a student listening to a nerd teacher discussing a dull topic inside the classroom. Where as listening to a very close friend talking about a fun-filled experience in a vacation, certainly it makes a different. Blogs are written informally, enabling readers to connect with the blogger’s thoughts.

Blogs are entertaining.

As the majority of the people who visit the web seek for entertainment and not just information, readers find blogs difficult to resist since the contents are written informally. It’s like hearing a very interesting story from someone, and then—one just finds oneself mentally interacting with the blogger.

Readers are given participation through comment boxes.

When readers find their attention fully drawn by the blog they are indulging, a lot of things are running on their minds. And certainly, the urge to write a comment about the content exist out in a corner. When readers interact through comment boxes, satisfaction always follows and interests about the topic remains.

Blogs always have a way of attracting audiences of different ages around the globe. Isn’t it fun when all of us do blog? Without a doubt.


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