Eat Healthy !

To be happy in life It is very important to stay careful about health because there is well-known Speech “Good health is The Root of All Happiness ”. Health can be maintained by various ways. One of them is eating good nutritious food to stay healthy.

It is better not to eat outside. Avoid or decrease junk food eating, Avoid intake of soft drinks and other high calorie energy drinks having harmful substances. We have to stay that It’s very important that we eat only when we feel hungry and do not overeat for the sake of taste. We need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables for vitamins. Before using them, soak them in water and wash completely and we should try to eat butter, cheese and drink milk sensibly. Fresh fruit juices and salads can keep us healthy too.

Many people think that we have to spend lots of money to stay healthy, but to stay healthy we don’t need to eat rich food. Vegetable, small fish, fruit is cheap food. This type of food can full fill necessary vitamin for a healthy body. We shall make sure to finish our dinner at least 2 -3 hours before our bedtime. We have to drink lots of water because water helps to Digest Food.

To do good thing or earn anything in life we have to work hard and for hard-working we have stay healthy and to stay healthy we have to eat healthy or good food.


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