Journey To Heaven…


Nothing succeeds better than success.”

All the attempts you do might not necessarily produce desired results. When you are able to meet the desired result, it becomes a success. The success derives pleasure out of your attempts, which were not successful. For a fruitful research in any subject whether it is agriculture or the rocket science, one has to attempt and repeat attempts without feeling tired, and that is the real key of a success to research. The failures in not achieving the desired destination may bring in some harshness in your mood, sometimes.

That evening it was the story of the similar failures causing fatigue and wanted to relax a bit. The body went into a relaxing chair and started relaxing and enjoying the comfort of the environment. Suddenly my grandfather who had been there in such moments appeared and kept his hands on my head.  In no time, it was extremely relaxing to the extent that entire tiredness was forgotten, and the mood became joyful and was feeling energetic. As if I am driving in heaven, I was flying into the clouds holding hands of my grandfather.

No sooner, I was standing out of a monumental and gigantic gate which was not closed, but I was hesitating to enter inside. The grandfather has disappeared by this time, and I was alone. I made several attempts; I could not succeed and was getting disheartened of not getting entered. An eternal voice was heard guiding me to enter the gate by simply touching the sides of the gate and pushing them slightly inside. I was successful at last. Inside everything was a new world.

Everything was colorful and pleasing to the eyes. I was feeling excited and was trying to live every moment and second of my new life. Everybody there was happy with a lot of fruits and diamonds and pearls with snow all around the place. I wanted to enjoy every moment of life as in the living world. I went around, here and there, but when I tried to talk to people they acted like I was a ghost and ran away. They couldn’t talk to me nor hear me, but they could touch me, feel me This made me scary as if I am actually a ghost.

But there were no sound, no music and as if everyone was deaf and dumb. You cannot talk to you, nor anyone can listen to their voice.  But as I walked around I started realizing the truth of the heaven, where I could stay for longer, it is not a place of peace to survive for long. That this couldn’t be an ultimate paradise of my thinking process. It was not a lovely area and not what I thought heaven should be the same. In no time it got  unimaginative and I was trying to run away from the heaven. I had a problem in fitting to the new environment. But I was still confused what to do. I was not able to enjoy this paradise because I thought heaven would be different and entertaining and not so monotonous.

I started running around and there to escape from heaven and return back to the world. I was looking for that gate which allowed me to enter. I was not able to find the gate. I started crying, but no one paid any attention to me or my voice. I started crying louder and louder and in the process, I was running and struggling to find the entrance pushing everyone to the corner and suddenly slipped from heights.

And when I opened my eyes I had fallen off the chair, ultimately realizing that it was a dream which had given me an opportunity to travel to heaven which is not better than our planet. Got back into the chair and thanked the God for the journey to the heavenly. When we are happy every happiness is around us and worth enjoying, therefore we must try to search integrity in everything around us and feel contended for heaven.


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