Five reasons why coffee benefits health!

Imagine a picture: “A hot cup of black tasty Brazilian coffee early in the morning!” What a paradise! Our favorite drink is with us every day during the work week.  People I barely know who don’t love coffee. This is a whole universe: from the different sorts and aroma to the various coffee cups that each one of us has on the shelf at home. There are so many traditions, superstitions and customs connected to the coffee.

Perhaps this is the most popular drink in the world. But have you ever wondered how does coffee affect our health? We have all heard the doctors who always say that it is harmful, and we should stay careful and so on. And that makes it even more delicious, because what is forbidden is most wanted in life. Don’t you agree?

Today, however, we are going to see the other side of the coin. And it is simple: coffee benefits health. Yes, that is correct, you are not missing anything. Many researches being done throughout the world and there are evidences that coffee benefits health in many aspects.

On the first place, we can mention that the energy drink prevents to some extend from Alzheimer’s disease. Researches show that people with that condition have less caffeine in their systems. That is one good reason for scientists to believe in the connection between the drink and the health disorder. Plus, coffee helps our mind to process the information.

Second, we can find another reason, why coffee benefits health? Scientists from Sweden have made some researches and concluded that there is a close connection between the drink and coffee’s help in breast cancer.  To be specific, five cups of coffee per day decrease half the risk of developing that deadly disease. Of course, before drinking so much every day, we need to think is that proper for our specific current health condition, as we are all aware of the risks?

There are some investigations about the connection between coffee and insults. Here, however, there are two “camps” among the scientific societies. Some believe that coffee is harmful; others consider it keeps us safe from the insults. As I am an extraordinary optimist, I am willing to trust the researchers that support the second thesis. They say that one cup per day reduces the risk from insult with 25%.

What about diabetes? We all have heard how coffee reduces the chances of getting the insulin dependent lifetime condition. Another plus for our favorite drink as obviously, the list is long.

Last in our list today, I will tell you with a little humor to remember the morning after the last wild Friday night party. Yes, the headache was a real disaster! But scientists again gave a solution here. A cup of coffee helps us to get through the hangover. Forget the herbs and grandma’s hot chicken soup. Just take a cup of fresh coffee and you will feel the difference!

Are you already convinced that coffee benefits health?


3 thoughts on “Five reasons why coffee benefits health!

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