Few Positive Affirmations…


1) I become what I make of myself.

2)  Today, I am happy and want to live life to fullest.

3) I am happy, healthy and feel at peace.

4)  I am above the negativity and bad influences. I want to live better.

5)  I thank God for the talents bestowed on me.

6) I forgive those who have harmed me and seek forgiveness from those harmed by me.

7) I want to share the love as it will wash away hatred and lust.

8) I want the supreme being to guide me to my destiny.nonegative_thinking_megph

9)   I am the product of the choices that I make, so choose wisely.

10)   My love bond with my partner is getting better, stronger and sweeter with each day.

11) I thank God and all as my work is growing and getting better.

12) I can feel the great surge of life and energy in me, it is driving me to new ideas.

13) I feel invincible, I can conquer any challenges today.

14) I like to be courageous, and shall stand up for my beliefs.

positive-thinking15) I am confident to get the perfect job for that, to get paid for what I deserve.

16) I am thankful to all for making my life prosperous and plentiful.

17) I ready to leave my past, and move toward a new life.

18)I am thankful to be admired with love and affection of all.

19) I am thankful to be blessed with great friends and incredible family.

20) I can feel my confidence rising, I can now take on any challenge as may come.

21) everything that is happening to me, is for my greater good.

22) I feel indestructible, my power is invincible.

23) What is happening now, is for short and better time is there to come.

24) I can feel  my future, a perfect one and confirming to my vision.

25) I can see, the one that is perfect, is there to come into my life.

26) I shall win over my illness, and a healthy day will come sooner than later.


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