capri1Capricorn, the tenth sign of the zodiac is well-respected by others for being the most hard-working of them all. But, wait, isn`t there much more to Capricorn, than them being self-professed workaholics?

Yes, there indeed is!

Capricorn`s ambitions

They aspire to reach the top and will leaves no stone unturned to fulfill their desires to succeed and meet glory. They don`t like playing second fiddle to anyone and they will do their best to work on their skills, which are necessary weapons to clear obstacles from their path.

They are determined

A goal is a dream with a plan and deadline. This is certainly true for the goat. He will work on his strategy meticulously and will not give up if naysayers raise doubts about the feasibility of these far-fetched plans.

Reserved and serious

If you fall for the one who prefers a lonely corner and not the spotlight, a Cappie man or woman is just right for you. They draw attention because of their strong personalities, but they don`t like prying questions and want to avoid unwanted attention.

They are pioneers

When someone`s inventive and introduces radical ideas, they are sure to make a name for themselves. And this is the sign which is likely to produce great thinkers and leaders in society.

Logical and clearheaded

They play the role of a husband or wife to perfection! They manage their households well and they create a safe world for everyone they care for. Whenever you are in trouble, they will stand behind you like a rock and will help you put your troubles behind you.

Social Status

Capricorn desires material goods and his or her home will be a comfortable place to be in. They are popular in social circles despite being reserved. They enjoy accomplishments and will work their way up undeterred by the steepness of the climb.


They may come across as shy and aloof, but underneath that cool exterior lies a person who longs for love, passion and a romance that will turn their world upside down. They are in love with the idea of being in love.


If you are turned on by the ways of the past, traditional values and good manners, this is the sign you need to be keeping your eyes on. They are always gentle, agreeable and well-mannered.

Meaningful relationships

If you are dating a Capricorn, you are lucky, as they never treat relationships as mere flings and nothing is a short term for them. Love is timeless, and if they are with you, it`s because there`s a future together.


Loyalty is very important to them and this is something that will be an part of being in a relationship with a Cappie. They are fiercely loyal, and they expect the same in return. They stick to their principles and will never be seen jumping from one partner to another. Marriage is what they want and they are extremely protective of their family.


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