Freedom for Self n Value for Others

Freedom for Self n Value for OthersHere comes the final out come of the project that I had mentioned in the form of e-book with title “Freedom for Self and Value for Others”. It is the essence of all that I have learnt in my quest to be a successful freelance information publishing professional.

Looking after family, children all the way, women become so much accustomed to such a way of life that you suddenly feel your life has become purposeless.

Very painful indeed!

This happens in so many homes all round the globe.

Determined not to let it happen to me, I made a decision to find a solution. There were ups, downs, pressures, dilemmas, but I continued.

Today here I am, writing this book. I have detailed my journey from day one to today when I am earning sitting at home, what many dream to get in regular 9 to 5 job.

I think that my experiences can be of help to so many others like me, who are looking for deliverance from the routine to give a new meaning to self.

If you are interested to have it, send an email to me on my email id for further details.

Happy Reading……


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