My 12 Golden Rules of Freelancing… Ashuli Jain

Ashuli JainFor a woman, especially a housewife, it is not always possible to pursue dreams. For them, “To put others before self for the sake of family becomes the norm of life”. Somewhere on the way you lose yourself and the worst casualty is your personal ambition. Determined not to let it happen to me, I decided to find a solution. There were ups, downs, pressures, dilemmas…but I continued. Today here I am, with a successful information publishing career. I think that my experiences will be of help to so many others like me, looking for deliverance from the routine to give a new meaning to self.

In freelancing, you are your own boss. The great part is that you have to set your own rules, and then follow them to the core. A clear set of rules, like dos and don’ts, helps to keep things on track. The fact that success depends on the core values is something that I have learnt after going through my own experiences.

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Ashuli Jain


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