Agni-5 – Taking India into Big League

ashuli jain

Agni 5 – The Big Leap

The Agni Series of missile development plan is fast making India a force to reckon with and a big boy among handful of nations with similar capabilities. Agni Series of missiles have many models starting with Agni I with 700 KM range, Agni II with 2000 KM range, Agni III and IV with 2500 to 3500 Km range and now Agni V with as long as 5000+ Km range. Agni V is not only scoring with better striking range, but it has state of the art technology in the field of navigation, guidance, driving engine and the warhead.

As per DRDO, Indian flagship agency involved in Agni development program, after few more trials, Agni V will be inducted in active service as truly Indian intercontinental ballistic missile, by end of the current year.

Agni V is a three stage, solid propellant based missile. In last one year, two trails of the missile have been done successfully, using mobile launchers; at the Integrated Test Range, Shriharikota. The missile is about 17 m long and has a diameter of 2 meters. When fully loaded the missile weighs about 50 tons.

With Agni V in active service, most of the Chinese and Pakistani territory will come under the striking range of Indian forces, thereby establishing a well needed power balance in the region.

Ashuli Jain

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