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Welcome to Dachshund, the online dog-lover street where you can find the best Dachshund buddy for you and/or your family. Our job is to collaborate with the most Qualified Dachshund Breeders and bring them into our pool, making our place an avenue where you meet the right pup for you. For everyone’s knowledge, we do not accept just any breeder we can find. Instead, we make sure all the puppies are properly checked by a vet and certified as healthy. We require that the pups are well-socialized and are raised by families. We also need Dachshund Breeders to deworm and vaccinate their puppies before we include them in our list. If you haven’t found the right one, get back to us for an updated list.


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For guaranteed quality of the Dachshund Puppies you are getting, you have to make sure they were raised by Dachshund Puppy Breeders caring families who give them proper attention on top of their proper food. This is foremost in our minds when choosing reputable Dachshund Breeders. We give our clients access to a pool of breeders who give their pups the right amount of food and socialization that can produce the best Dachshund. As an additional, we do not limit ourselves to local Dachshund breeders, but we go interstate to enlist the best breeders in US! We provide not just quality but also a wider pool for you.


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Although comical in appearance, Dachshunds is a proud and brave breed, walking around confidently with their elongated and muscular bodies on short legs. You can’t help but notice in their eyes that they have an intelligent look. Dachshunds are bred for a specific task that is why they behave the way they do. However, Dachshunds displays a different attitude when at home. They always want to be close to you and assist you to do things. Since they have lovely coats, they also need to be carefully groomed. Having one at home requires finding out everything you need to know about taking care of them. Dachshund Personality is energetic and intelligent, and attributes may overwhelm you if not properly trained. So read on for more of the Dachshund health.

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Headline:        Dachshund Puppy Care
Like any other breed, owning a Dachshund demands responsibilities that you need to meticulously carry out. The good thing is that this loyal pet will immeasurably return the favor. Having Dachshund is challenging but with proper information on Dachshund guide, everything will fall in its proper place. We aim at guiding you through your parenthood so we gather all the Dachshund puppy care data we can and give it to you in a useful form. Read our substantive and easily understandable Dachshund feeding tips, what to do and what not to do in training your pet together with all the information you need to keep your pup happy and healthy!


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Headline:        Happy Tails – Testimonials


It is our goal to unite our clients with the best Dachshund for them but our relations with them does not end after they take the pup home. They keep in touch with us and tell us their happy moments and amazing experiences with the pups. Browse through these Dachshund testimonials to take a peek at the lives of our happy customers. See the joyful look in their faces and the happiness in their pups too. We wish that you also become an addition to our growing family that we will be able to see your Dachshund photos displayed in our site as an inspiration to other Dachshund-lovers.


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You may be tired of looking for that perfect Dachshund to take home. It may be a challenge to find that pup with excellent health, beautiful appearance and remarkable behavior. We invite you to look into our list and end your search. Here at Dachshund, we give our customer family raised pups provided with the proper nutrition. We enlist only quality Dachshund breeders who were able to meet the high standards we have set. We give you access not just to local Dachshund breeders but also connect you to those coming from different states.


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Headline:        Picking the Most Suited Dachshund For You


The great thing about Dachshunds is that when provided with proper healthcare and attention to them, they will be loyal and helpful to you. Whatever the Dachshund you are going to take home, smooth, longhaired or wirehaired, they will make a great companion to you. If you are looking for the perfect fit for you, then you are at the right place.


Here at Dachshund, we connect you with the best California Dachshund breeders, Florida Dachshund Breeders, Texas Dachshund Breeders, and New York Dachshund Breeders. The ones, we enlist, are those who have passed our criteria, and we make sure the pups who get in are well-socialized. The reason we choose only Dachshund breeders who have family raised pups is to give our customers pooches that were well-taken care of. In the aspect of health, we make sure they were de-wormed and vet-checked. On the socialization aspect, we ensure they were given proper attention. We also update their listings almost every day, so you always have choices.


So put an end to your puppy search and adopt the right one from the Dachshund puppies for sale. We guarantee that you will live in a more delightful atmosphere with them at home!



Puppies for Sale

Find Quality Puppies from Reputable Local Dachshund Breeders

Dachshunds are playful and courageous dogs that can become the best companions. They love the company of other dogs, and there is nothing like watching two Dachshunds interact. However, you must ensure that your pup is socialized and well-trained, or you may end up facing a number of difficulties. They show great loyalty traits and at times take time to get friendly with strangers; which somehow is a bonus trait, as their extensive barking at the strangers makes them extremely good guard dog. Dachshund has been created to cater to your specific needs of finding the best lovable Dachshund puppies for sale within US.

We Are Dedicated to Helping You Find Quality Dachshund Terrier Puppies

In early, 1600s Dachshunds were bred first in Germany and are also known as “badger dog”. The main aim being the creation of an elongated and a fearless dog; who is courageous and a deadly fighter with hunter instincts. They easily adapt to new surroundings but need proper grooming regularly. At Dachshund, new Dachshund Breeders are added on a regular basis. We only add those Local Dachshund Breeders who fulfill our basic requirements as vet checks, de-worming, vaccinations, etc. Just to make sure we offer you the best quality pup for your family.


A Dachshund addition will change your life completely, with their cuddly looks and playful nature. A well groomed Dachshund will live for almost 16 years, giving you many years of companionship and fun. Take the first step by browsing our list of Dachshunds for sale to find one of your choice. Your perfect Dachshund puppy is still waiting out there for you!


Dachshund Breeders

Bringing Puppy Seekers and Reputable Breeders Together


You may be looking for the right pup long enough but you have not seen the one yet. It is quite challenging to find a pup with the same characteristics that you have or with the traits that will complement yours. Here at Dachshund, we understand that. That is why we are dedicated to gathering quality pooches from all around US to help dog-lovers find the perfect match for them. Yes, we do not limit our search for Dachshund breeders within the locality but we look from state to state to connect with the best Dachshund Terrier Breeders the country has. We also set high standards on Dachshund Breeders to make sure we deliver only the best kind to our clients. The minimum requirements are regular veterinary check-up and proper socialization of puppies.


Since we are committed in giving a wider pool of choices to our customers, we try our best to rummage the whole US and find breeders who have raised their Dachshunds in an environment of affectionate and caring families. We also recognize that health is a primordial consideration in choosing the pup to take home, so we also require from breeders that de-worming, vaccination and regular check-up by quality veterinarians. In addition to that, we arrange the full transportation of Dachshund should you choose a pup from a location outside the state. This way, you will not worry about their safe arrival at your home. This will also allow you to have a wide range of choices without considering their distance from your area.


Quality Breeders are Welcome in the Pool
If you are one of the quality breeders in the US and you know that you can meet the requirements mentioned above, go ahead and expand your network by connecting with us and offering Dachshund Puppies for sale. Join our team in making sure Dachshund-lovers will get only pooches with the best quality.



Dachshund Breed Info


Since Dachshund is an avenue where pooch-lovers and quality meet, we stand by our standards and only the great breeders get enlisted in our pool. Since we want to cater to a wide variety of customers, we also connect with Dachshund breeders from across the US. Yes, we do not limit your choices with just the pups closest to you so we really look deeper into the market. The set of criteria for choosing the Dachshund breeders is the same in all states. We maintain the requirement that the pups should be regularly vet-checked, de-wormed and with proper vaccination. As an added guarantee to customers, we only accept family raised pooches that are well-socialized.


Dachshund is a proud and confident breed with generally independent, brave and intellectual attributes. Its physique is designed for taking a badger since they are ordinarily bred to hunt and track. They have an elongated shape with muscular built on short legs. This exposes them to back problems so it is important to carry your pup in a manner that the whole frame is supported. You must also avoid over-feeding them, but get them used to regular walks and constant interaction. Dachshunds are of three varieties, the shorthaired, the longhaired and the wirehaired. Consequently, proper and meticulous grooming depends on the nature of coat and rate of growth. But no matter the variant, all Dachshunds must be brushed or combed at least twice or thrice a week. Although generally energetic, a Dachshund’s behavior depends on the training given to it. It can be an active and playful buddy or a loyal and affectionate one who wants to be close to you all the time.


Let’s Work Hand-in Hand in Raising the Standards of Dachshund breeding


For proud owners and breeders of Dachshunds who also want to find the best home for your pups, let us work together to achieve one goal – providing the best match to both our customers and our pooches. Knowing the requirements of the Dachshund, let us increase the number of quality Dachshund-owners while maintaining a high standard of life for our pups. As such, we have leveraged the combined 100 years of expertise among our Dachshund Breeders to provide you with the best advice you need to do so. Among others, we’ve covered topics such as:

  • Dachshund History
  • Choosing the right breeder
  • Dachshund Personality
  • Dachshund Training Advice


Dachshund Pictures


The comical breed, Dachshund Terrier Puppies have an energetic character that loves to play and has an amazing sense of humor. It is a popular city pooch because it enjoys company and affectionate and is loyal to its owner. Being intellectual and active at the same time, Dachshunds attract devoted followers who would never consider having any other breed. Indeed, they always want to help you do things like fixing something on the floor. It may even try to assist you in tying your shoelaces. Aside from their adorable appearance and these Dachshund photos, it is lovely to have a Dachshund at home as this pooch will make you feel loved beyond imagination.

Dachshund Puppy Care

Before bringing the Dachshund pup to your home, its best to get all the possible information regarding its proper care and well being. At Dachshund, we take extra effort in providing all the relevant information to the prospective buyers, before choosing a Dachshund for sale. Every dog has its own requirements, and it’s necessary to go through them.

 Dachshund Health Tips

Dachshund puppies require regular exercises either in the form of playing on the ground or medium walks. Since they get tired easily, these exercises should be planned with other physical activities. Though, you will get a fully vaccinated pup, but still it’s necessary to visit a vet in regular intervals to know about its nutritional needs and well being.


Dachshund Grooming

Dachshunds are a little reserved with strangers and may act aggressively, but at the same time are very friendly with family members and kids. They are extremely adventurous, outgoing, bold and attentive dogs. Their beautiful coat requires attention, as it’s prone to tangling; so it needs to be kept hard and flat.


Dachshund Personality     

Dachshunds have almond eyes, long straight tail, round ears and noticeable high arched muzzle. They have long, flat body with short legs. Dachshunds weigh up to 26 lbs. Dachshunds are energetic, intelligent, independent and brave little dogs. They are friendly with human beings and outgoing, but may act mischievously on many occasions. They are good companions.


For more information on Dachshund Puppy Care:

  • Preparing your house as per pup’s needs
  • Learn how to deal with its crying and socializing
  • Planning for its feeding and exercise routines
  • Food hazards for Dachshunds
  • Health and Nutrition Tips
  • Grooming Tips for Dachshunds



Dachshund FAQ

Dachshund Puppy Frequently Asked Question


Dachshund Puppy FAQ has been created in conjunction with our Dachshund Breed Care and Dachshund Breed Info pages to provide as much information as possible to help you raise your Dachshund pup. So please, try reading through the topics to learn all you can before and after bringing your puppy home.

Question #1 – What is the standard size of a Dachshund?

On average Dachshunds are between 7 to 8 inches in height (at the shoulders) and weigh between 16 to 32 pounds. However, there is a breed, the Miniature Dachshunds that is relatively smaller, from 5 to 11 inches in height and weighs up to 11 pounds. This particular dog moves with ease because of its enhanced stamina and agility. The best-looking Dachshund dogs are those with muscles that don’t appear bulky and the waist should also look tight.

Question #2 – Do Dachshunds require extensive grooming?

It depends on the length of your Dachshund hair. If yours have long-hair, you need to brush it at least once or twice a week, with trimmings depending on the rate of hair growth. For the wire coat breed, on the other hand, brushing or combing should be done at least once a week. For the most common breed, the smooth coated Dachshund, least grooming is required.  But it is advisable to trim dead or stray hair about twice a year.

Question #3 – Do these dogs shed hair?

Yes. All wire-haired, smooth, and long-haired Dachshund dogs shed, but not at an uniform rate.

Question #4 – What is the average lifespan of a Dachshund?

A healthy Dachshund will live for approximately 12 to 16 years.

Question #5 – Do they have any special nutritional need?

For their food, Dachshund must be provided with dog foods that are designed for small breeds. You cannot  overfeed them because if their weight increases, it may aggravate skeletal problems. It is best to give them dog foods that contain glucosamine and chondroitin. For more info on Dachshunds nutritional needs, we recommend you to refer our article on Dachshund Nutrition.

Question #6 – Do Dachshunds have a predisposition to health issue?

Due to the long spine and short rib cage of Dachshunds, they are prone to back problems. One of the important things to remember is that you need to hold their full frame if you are to carry them. They also have a high tendency to slip a disk when they jump down from a high platform as a bed or a couch.

Question #7 – What personality and temperament do Dachshunds have?

Dachshunds are not meek dogs. Their character is proud but if given proper attention and positive strengthening, they turn out to be lovable and dependable pets.

Question #8 – Are Dachshunds safe and good for Kids?

In keeping a Dachshund, family members or the pet-owner need patience and maturity. It may be a challenge to keep this breed of dog if you have young kids who are not too patient with pets.

Question #9 – I live in an apartment, can I still get a Dachshund?

Being one of the most popular city dogs, Dachshunds enjoy apartments but also require regular interaction.

Question #10 – How much exercise does a Dachshund need?

Since this breed is of the hunting lineage, they love outdoors. They need to be walked regularly and played with a lot to maintain their physical and mental health.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Please feel free to Contact Us for more info if these Dachshund questions & answers did not address your doubts. You can even browse our Dachshund Article Pages for more help and advice.


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