Dachshund Puppy Care!!!


Before bringing the Dachshund pup to your home, its best to get all the possible information about its proper care and well-being. At Dachshund, we take an extra effort in providing all the relevant information to the prospective buyers, before choosing a Dachshund for sale. Every dog has its own requirements, and it’s necessary to go through them.

Dachshund Health Tips

Dachshund puppies need regular exercises either in the form of playing on the ground or medium walks. Since they get tired easily, these exercises should be planned with other physical activities. Though, you will get a fully vaccinated pup, but still it’s necessary to visit a vet in regular intervals to know about its nutritional needs and well-being.

 Dachshund Grooming

Dachshunds are a little reserved with strangers and may act aggressively, but at the same time are very friendly with family members and kids. They are extremely adventurous, outgoing, bold and attentive dogs. Their beautiful coat requires attention, as it’s prone to tangling; so it needs to be kept hard and flat.

Dachshund Personality     

Dachshunds have almond eyes, long straight tail, round ears and noticeable high arched muzzle. They have long, flat body with short legs. Dachshunds weigh up to 26 lbs. Dachshunds are energetic, intelligent, independent and brave little dogs. They are friendly with human beings and outgoing, but may act mischievously on many occasions. They are good companions.

For more information on Dachshund Puppy Care:

  • Preparing your house as per pup’s needs
  • Learn how to deal with its crying and socializing
  • Planning for its feeding and exercise routines
  • Food hazards for Dachshunds
  • Health and Nutrition Tips
  • Grooming Tips for Dachshunds



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