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Momentary Cravings and Food Addiction Psychology…

food addiction

To begin there is a difference between needing food and wanting food.

Your body knows the difference. The trouble is: your mind can’t always differentiate between the two. There is an easy way to tell whether you’re hungry or not.

Test yourself.

Hold a healthy food you don’t like in one hand (1), and something unhealthy you always crave in the other (2).

Then ask yourself, “which one would I rather eat?”

If you choose to eat (1)… because you know it’s better for your body, then you know you’re forcing yourself into something that doesn’t feel natural.

Wrong choice.

If you choose to eat (2)… because that is, of course, more tempting, then you know not only that you aren’t hungry at this point, but also that you might be suffering from food addiction.

Wrong choice again.

Moreover, ask yourself if you’d be content throwing away (2) right now. If you’re attracted to it so powerfully that you cannot “not have it”, then it is a symptom of an existing problem with emotional eating / food addiction.

So what’s the alternative?

If you’re genuinely hungry (your body is experiencing a natural need for nutrition), you will not care what you eat. You will just want to eat!

That’s actual hunger.

Test this further by going without drinking for a day. When you’re thirsty, you will drink anything! Even if you can’t stand plain water, when you’re genuinely dry it will taste delicious regardless.

Well, in conclusion: if any of these things sound familiar, you might want to seek help for an eating disorder. Alternatively, educate yourself on food addiction and food-related disorders. Ask for help if these habits are uncontrollable.

The best way to lose weight effectively is to understand the psychology behind why you are addicted. If you can’t seem to change this addiction an ebook on food addiction is your best bet.

It has other great benefits too!

To find out more, go to www.thepassive.net.

Your body will be glad you did!


Know About Medicines !

herbal medicines1. ADVERSE REACTIONS:
Some medicine, however not all have extreme or mild side effects on the human body. The human body although the same for everyone has slight variations which may or may not cause a drug reaction. Usually the most common side effects of medicines are, nausea, drowsiness, sometimes it may cause bleeding, slurred or impaired vision.
When one begins to experience such symptoms right after administrating the medicine it is a clear warning signal that it should not be taken by the person and a doctor should be consulted.
Something which is normally done by a lot of us is to take two or more different medicines together. Without knowledge of the fact that this can cause many side effects to our body. The medicine may alter or interfere about how one of them behaves in the body. For example and antacid cause a blood thinning medicine to be absorbed slowly because an aspirin speeds up the blood thinning effect of such medicines.
Two medicines taken at the same time cause “Potentiation”. It can be harmful or even dangerous when several central nervous system depressing medicine is involved. For example, easily available medicines used to fight cold can increase the sedative effects of anesthetics and barbiturates.
Interaction of food with medicine can increase, decrease or even end the action or function of a drug.
Here are some very common examples,
• Fatty foods taken before the anti-fungal drug can cause the drug levels to increase greatly in the blood.
• Our dairy products that have high levels of calcium blocks the absorption of an antibiotic tetracycline .
• Fruit juices containing ascorbic acid speed up the intake of iron into the blood.
• Women taking oral contraceptives should include dark leafy vegetables in their diet as these contraceptive pills lower the folic acid and vitamin B content in the blood.
Long term use of alcohol has a direct effect on the liver and causes increased rates of metabolism of certain medications such as medicine used for diabetes, anti-coagulants and anti-consultants. The effect of these medicine is reduced as they do not stay in the body for long enough to be properly used.
Prolonged use of alcohol can damage the liver in such a way that the liver is unable to metabolize the drugs and they stay in the body for long periods of time. This can be very harmful if the medicine is an anti-psychotic drug which can further damage the liver
The effect of alcohol on the body is that it is a central nervous system depressant. If alcohol is taken with another CNS depressant a person’s mind is greatly affected example alertness, judgment.
Medicine and drugs have a direct impact on lab results. For example, increased intake of laxatives can affect test results to analyze calcium or bone metabolism. Penicillin can cause false increases in urine protein an indication of a kidney disease.

Natural Herbal Remedies for Bad Breath!


Natural-Herbal-MedicineBad breath is a common yet very embarrassing problem faced by men and women of all ages. Many treatments are generally prescribed by allopathic and homeopathic health specialists but most people go for natural herbal remedies for the cure of this condition. Home remedies are easy to prepare and they usually do not have any adverse effects. Because of this reason, a lot of people prefer using herbal or natural treatments to avoid the side effects and cure the problem without having to spend huge amount of money on expensive medicines. Moreover, some people develop allergic reactions to some drugs and therefore try to avoid them as much as they can.

Natural herbal remedies are very effective in curing the causes of bad breath so that the problem could be cured completely. Some of these underlying causes include sinus problem, stress and depression, stomach disorders, tooth infections, and zinc deficiency. Bad breath…

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Losing weight through Weight Loss Coffee ?


There are companies that are there to manufacture a different kind of coffee that they actually claim will help people in losing weight. The coffee that they usually sell is usually genetically engineered to help in weight loss.

Does coffee help to lose weight according to you?

This question can have a positive answer. The weight loss coffee companies that usually produce such coffee can give a very positive feedback for that question. These companies cut that coffee can help to cut your appetite for food making you to eat little food.

You are wondering how eating little food can logically help in weight loss. It actually does because when you don’t eat a lot, your body will not have many calories to burn and you will be able to lose weight as opposed to when you eat a lot.

This can also apply in a situation where you take your coffee drink with some meal or snack, the coffee will neutralize the calories that you might have taken at that time in the form of snack and you will not gain weight. But when you take the coffee on its own then you are prone to gain weight. If you are taking coffee, then you actually need to work out either through exercise to get rid of the sugar rush that is normally released by the caffeine.

The companies that come up with the weight loss coffee also convince that the coffee helps in increasing metabolism by increasing the energy levels in your body. This makes you very active and can enable you to go through your workouts that are important for maintaining your weight. This is a truth as coffee is one of the major sources of energy to your body that can also replace a major source of energy such as sugar.

It can act as a temporary energy boost to your body helping you to go through the tough exercises and doing some other activities without feeling the need of having to eat some food as a source of energy. These weight loss coffee companies also argues that coffee can help reduce hunger. They say that when you take coffee without any sweeteners, it fills your stomach leaving no room for food and helping you not to gain weight. This is because the food will have the calories that your body will need to burn making you to gain weight but when you don’t take anything, there will be little calories.

However, in a situation where you take the coffee with the sweeteners but you don’t take any meal because you fill full, you will just be doing an injustice to yourself because coffee with sweeteners means you are taking as many calories as you could have taken in a small meal.

These weight loss coffee manufacturing companies also argue that coffee can also help you in improving your mental focus although if you rely so much on caffeine, you may become a coffee addict.

Eat Healthy !

To be happy in life It is very important to stay careful about health because there is well-known Speech “Good health is The Root of All Happiness ”. Health can be maintained by various ways. One of them is eating good nutritious food to stay healthy.

It is better not to eat outside. Avoid or decrease junk food eating, Avoid intake of soft drinks and other high calorie energy drinks having harmful substances. We have to stay that It’s very important that we eat only when we feel hungry and do not overeat for the sake of taste. We need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables for vitamins. Before using them, soak them in water and wash completely and we should try to eat butter, cheese and drink milk sensibly. Fresh fruit juices and salads can keep us healthy too.

Many people think that we have to spend lots of money to stay healthy, but to stay healthy we don’t need to eat rich food. Vegetable, small fish, fruit is cheap food. This type of food can full fill necessary vitamin for a healthy body. We shall make sure to finish our dinner at least 2 -3 hours before our bedtime. We have to drink lots of water because water helps to Digest Food.

To do good thing or earn anything in life we have to work hard and for hard-working we have stay healthy and to stay healthy we have to eat healthy or good food.

Low Calorie Drinks!

Most people ignore how many liquid calories they ingest. Any carbonated drink may it be a diet soda is not really good for weight loss. They obviously have less sugar but their sodium content can’t be neglected which contributes to fluid retention.

The role of coffee in weight loss is also debatable. We know that it increases the metabolism for a little while. But adding cream and sugar will end up in gaining more calories than losing. Similarly, a glass of wine taken with dinner will be available as a fast burning fuel for your body but it will unfortunately result in excessive fat storage as your dinner won’t be used.

So what we are left with is water. However, green tea is also a good alternative as it reduces the fluid retention. And if you don’t like its taste, chamomile tea with little honey or some lemon makes a good option.


Eat Breakfast, Lose Weight!


Who doesn’t like to munch and still lose weight? Well that’s why skipping your breakfast thinking you will lose weight is not such a good idea. Researchers have proved that eating a light breakfast aids you in losing your weight (weight loss in people having breakfast was 72% more than those who skipped breakfast).

Here is the explanation of this interesting fact.

  •  During sleep time, the metabolic rate of our body slows down. Even after we wake-up it remains slow until we eat something. So to revitalize our body’s metabolism early in the morning, a low-fat breakfast is compulsory.
  • With a nutritious breakfast is inside your belly, you feel satisfied and are less likely to nibble upon other things which may increase your weight.
  • Breakfast increases Leptin, a hormone which suppresses appetite, enabling lesser caloric intake throughout the day.