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Momentary Cravings and Food Addiction Psychology…

food addiction

To begin there is a difference between needing food and wanting food.

Your body knows the difference. The trouble is: your mind can’t always differentiate between the two. There is an easy way to tell whether you’re hungry or not.

Test yourself.

Hold a healthy food you don’t like in one hand (1), and something unhealthy you always crave in the other (2).

Then ask yourself, “which one would I rather eat?”

If you choose to eat (1)… because you know it’s better for your body, then you know you’re forcing yourself into something that doesn’t feel natural.

Wrong choice.

If you choose to eat (2)… because that is, of course, more tempting, then you know not only that you aren’t hungry at this point, but also that you might be suffering from food addiction.

Wrong choice again.

Moreover, ask yourself if you’d be content throwing away (2) right now. If you’re attracted to it so powerfully that you cannot “not have it”, then it is a symptom of an existing problem with emotional eating / food addiction.

So what’s the alternative?

If you’re genuinely hungry (your body is experiencing a natural need for nutrition), you will not care what you eat. You will just want to eat!

That’s actual hunger.

Test this further by going without drinking for a day. When you’re thirsty, you will drink anything! Even if you can’t stand plain water, when you’re genuinely dry it will taste delicious regardless.

Well, in conclusion: if any of these things sound familiar, you might want to seek help for an eating disorder. Alternatively, educate yourself on food addiction and food-related disorders. Ask for help if these habits are uncontrollable.

The best way to lose weight effectively is to understand the psychology behind why you are addicted. If you can’t seem to change this addiction an ebook on food addiction is your best bet.

It has other great benefits too!

To find out more, go to www.thepassive.net.

Your body will be glad you did!


Know About Medicines !

herbal medicines1. ADVERSE REACTIONS:
Some medicine, however not all have extreme or mild side effects on the human body. The human body although the same for everyone has slight variations which may or may not cause a drug reaction. Usually the most common side effects of medicines are, nausea, drowsiness, sometimes it may cause bleeding, slurred or impaired vision.
When one begins to experience such symptoms right after administrating the medicine it is a clear warning signal that it should not be taken by the person and a doctor should be consulted.
Something which is normally done by a lot of us is to take two or more different medicines together. Without knowledge of the fact that this can cause many side effects to our body. The medicine may alter or interfere about how one of them behaves in the body. For example and antacid cause a blood thinning medicine to be absorbed slowly because an aspirin speeds up the blood thinning effect of such medicines.
Two medicines taken at the same time cause “Potentiation”. It can be harmful or even dangerous when several central nervous system depressing medicine is involved. For example, easily available medicines used to fight cold can increase the sedative effects of anesthetics and barbiturates.
Interaction of food with medicine can increase, decrease or even end the action or function of a drug.
Here are some very common examples,
• Fatty foods taken before the anti-fungal drug can cause the drug levels to increase greatly in the blood.
• Our dairy products that have high levels of calcium blocks the absorption of an antibiotic tetracycline .
• Fruit juices containing ascorbic acid speed up the intake of iron into the blood.
• Women taking oral contraceptives should include dark leafy vegetables in their diet as these contraceptive pills lower the folic acid and vitamin B content in the blood.
Long term use of alcohol has a direct effect on the liver and causes increased rates of metabolism of certain medications such as medicine used for diabetes, anti-coagulants and anti-consultants. The effect of these medicine is reduced as they do not stay in the body for long enough to be properly used.
Prolonged use of alcohol can damage the liver in such a way that the liver is unable to metabolize the drugs and they stay in the body for long periods of time. This can be very harmful if the medicine is an anti-psychotic drug which can further damage the liver
The effect of alcohol on the body is that it is a central nervous system depressant. If alcohol is taken with another CNS depressant a person’s mind is greatly affected example alertness, judgment.
Medicine and drugs have a direct impact on lab results. For example, increased intake of laxatives can affect test results to analyze calcium or bone metabolism. Penicillin can cause false increases in urine protein an indication of a kidney disease.

Natural Herbal Remedies for Bad Breath!


Natural-Herbal-MedicineBad breath is a common yet very embarrassing problem faced by men and women of all ages. Many treatments are generally prescribed by allopathic and homeopathic health specialists but most people go for natural herbal remedies for the cure of this condition. Home remedies are easy to prepare and they usually do not have any adverse effects. Because of this reason, a lot of people prefer using herbal or natural treatments to avoid the side effects and cure the problem without having to spend huge amount of money on expensive medicines. Moreover, some people develop allergic reactions to some drugs and therefore try to avoid them as much as they can.

Natural herbal remedies are very effective in curing the causes of bad breath so that the problem could be cured completely. Some of these underlying causes include sinus problem, stress and depression, stomach disorders, tooth infections, and zinc deficiency. Bad breath…

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Stay Hydrated!


Over half of our body weight (60%) is water. Each day we lose some of this water present in our body through various means like perspiration, excretion, etc. Approximately 90% of chemical reactions taking place in our body need water, so we need to make sure that we have requisite amount of water available us for those processes. The level of water in our body is the hydration level. An important thing that we normally miss out is the fact that dehydration, i.e. the lower water level, compromises the efficiency of our body’s functioning capability including our metabolism. Depriving our body of water makes our body store calories and not burning them. Researchers have proved that keeping your body hydrated can boost your metabolism to an ideal level.

Our body is an engine with metabolism as one of its primary functions. This engine requires water in abundance to run effectively. That’s where hydration becomes important. Drinking 10 glasses of water each day can help increasing and maintaining an ideal metabolic rate and thus helping us in losing weight the easy way.

So if you are considering losing weight, you have to make a routine to drink water. In the beginning it might be frustrating but eventually it will become easy and a well hydrated body will make you will feel more active. Not only this, but the kidneys will function better too, getting rid of the fats and toxins more efficiently. This routine starts as we wake up. Also drinking water before every meal is important to make us feel less hungry during the lunch or dinner. The rough idea is to get around 8 glasses of water a day. Another boosting up measure is to add ice to the water we are about to drink as it makes our body work harder to first heat it up in our stomach thus increasing our metabolism.

Eat Breakfast, Lose Weight!


Who doesn’t like to munch and still lose weight? Well that’s why skipping your breakfast thinking you will lose weight is not such a good idea. Researchers have proved that eating a light breakfast aids you in losing your weight (weight loss in people having breakfast was 72% more than those who skipped breakfast).

Here is the explanation of this interesting fact.

  •  During sleep time, the metabolic rate of our body slows down. Even after we wake-up it remains slow until we eat something. So to revitalize our body’s metabolism early in the morning, a low-fat breakfast is compulsory.
  • With a nutritious breakfast is inside your belly, you feel satisfied and are less likely to nibble upon other things which may increase your weight.
  • Breakfast increases Leptin, a hormone which suppresses appetite, enabling lesser caloric intake throughout the day.

Start Your Weight Loss with a Walk!

You can walk and this is one of the simplest ways to tone up yourself, increase your metabolism gradually and thus losing weight. Easy and calm exercises like walking are ideal for boosting up your metabolism. With such an exercise you can go on a gradual climb without putting too much pressure on your body and brain. The best reason for starting off with such light exercises is that a shift from a sedentary lifestyle to light exercises is a bit easy and ensures that you do not leave your weight loss training midway.

As you increase the time and amount of such light physical exercises, your body begins to release “feel good” chemicals and thus you start feeling light, active, energetic and happy. That’s one advantage you will get as a bonus. One fact to remember here is that several shorter walks are better than a single long one for weight loss by obese and out of shape people, even if it’s the same distance.

While walking, we slowly fire up muscles in the lower part of our body and this continues even after we stop walking and this continued metabolic activity burns excess fats even during the rest time. Walking is best for those who are not in a shape to carry out hard-core exercises as it keeps on conditioning our body and with the passage of time, our body becomes toned and geared up for more rigorous exercises.

Lose Extra Body Weight with Spicy Foods!

Red Cayenne Pepper

Red Cayenne Pepper

Lots of people are now becoming interested in different techniques to lose their extra body weight. If anyone is trying to lose his or her weight, then he or she can opt for the spicy foods. In the beginning, lose body weight with spicy foods may sound a bit absurd. Even, people can think that consuming spicy foods will not do any wonders. Nevertheless, before we consume spicy foods for losing extra body weight, let us have a look at the features of the spicy foods.

Spicy Culture

All the time, spicy foods are a part of different menus of various cultures all around the world. In fact, spices like cayenne peppers, curry powder and chili powder never fail to include some taste to any food. So, foods will be more delicious. The people who want to lose their weight can simply add these spices to their dishes.

How It Works?

Losing weight with spicy foods works simply by increasing metabolism. In fact, it is not needed to resort to consuming lots of hot peppers. Just a little spice can promote an important rise in metabolism.

The Reality

Losing weight with spicy foods is possible since it boosts metabolism that assists people to burn up more calories. For this reason, the spices boost body temperature as well as contribute to a rise in heart rate, as well. Just keep in mind that the rise happening in the body temperature as well as heart rate needs energy and power.

Thermogenic Properties

However, spices have a few thermogenic properties by assisting the body to burn up calories particularly if people are ingesting high-fat foods. Aside from boosting body temperature, spicy foods also help to the rise of blood circulation. Moreover, they are able to encourage the breaking down of the fat cell that assists in losing extra body weight.

Things to Think About


Black Pepper Powder

Losing weight with spicy foods is possible, but people ought to keep in mind some things ahead of becoming much persuaded. One is the reality that the people who consume them don’t really depend totally on the meal’s effect on their metabolism; they will be able to stay slim. Next, people should bear in mind that there’re a few specific spices, which can promote powerful flavors to any food that can influence the food’s rich aroma as well as taste.


When anyone’s foods will receive that powerful taste, then he or she will get the urge to consume less. Some spicy foods, which have precise spices in them, are healthier than the foods which solely depend on sugar to get some flavor. Shrimp, chicken, tomatoes and lentils are some instances of foods, which are typically included in some spicy meals.

How Flavor Works?

Moreover, it is significant to know that spices increase flavor of any dish that offers a contented feeling to the meal. That feeling will definitely make people consume less food that makes people associate to lose weight with spicy foods.

Health Benefits of Spices

While it comes to losing weight with spicy foods, it is also significant for the people to think about the health benefits, which few specific spices can offer our body.For example, black pepper works like an antioxidant and  an antibacterial, when cayenne pepper’s consumption helps in providing our immune system rise when clearing congestion. Also, athletes ingest spicy food items to boost their treat osteoarthritis as well as endurance.

Good for Digestion

Spices can improve our digestion since they boost the hydrochloric emission of our stomach. For this reason, our metabolic rate raises. Just keep in mind that a rise in our metabolism also raises our body’s digestion rate. And the outcome is that our body can switch the calories into energy as a result they do not become body fat.

Fat Burning Benefits

Cayenne pepper has been proven to have appetite reducing as well as fat burning capabilities. A number of scientists claim that cayenne pepper boosts our body’s epinephrine as well as nor-epinephrine levels that can lead us to undergo less hungry.

Keep Everything within Limits

Eating spicy food items can also promote a few negative side effects on our body. However, one is the start of stomach ulcers. And another is GERD or acid re-flux that is more familiar with the fat people who are trying to lose their weight with the spicy foods. In this situation, it is significant to consume spicy food items moderately particularly if anyone have sensitive tolerance or just have a low acceptance for the spicy food items.

Check Acceptance 

Too many spicy foods can also make a mess with our digestion system, cause a little nuisance in our absorption area. Even, it can impair our taste buds that will lead us to not be capable of enjoying food in normal state. So, if people want to opt for the spicy food items to help them in losing weight, try consuming little amounts initially to notice if they can put up with them. And if they just can’t take them normally, then they should not force.


Horseradish is well-known to help increase metabolism by aiding digest fatty food items. A lot of studies have proven the advantages to the liver that creates toxins to help cut expansion of cancer cells.

Spicy Foods Prepared From Capsaicin

The spicy food items that prepared from capsaicin have been proven to raise metabolism by more than 50%. If somebody is trying to start his or her losing weight program, then adding up spicy food items to his or her meal can certainly help a lot.

If the mentioned food items aren’t anyone’s cup of tea, then there’re lots of different foods that he or she can consider. Thai food, Cinnamon, ginger, cumin seeds and curry are some of the popular spices. People can definitely give it a shot, get something that they like and wisely exploit the advantages of the spicy foods to lose extra body weight.