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Experiences of a Freelance Writer…

Experiences of a Freelance Writer….

How To Know If You Are Falling In Love…

love...What is Love ?

What actually is Love?

It is very difficult to define love through language as language can only define this force vaguely. Love is an extremely strong and complex emotion, which may mean profound kindness, affection or concern towards someone particular. Love has many different meanings. For some it is strange feeling, for some it is extremely spiritual, for others it is magic and for some it is confusion. But whatever it is, it is very sweet.

When are you in love?

Love being a vast topic, and takes a long time to actually realize whether if someone is actually in love or not. But some indications are:-

  • You happy, I’m happy :

Sometime if the other person’s happiness matters to you more than yours, you are in love. You are ready to do anything to see the smile on the face your love.

  •  I miss you :I_love_you_by_Pamba

If the separation pinches your heart then you heart to whom you are missing. So you are in love.

  •  I still like you :

When two people are in love they are ready to accept each other with their shortcomings.  They believe them and support them in any circumstance

  •  I see you everywhere :

People when feel Love, generally seem to remember their lovers by everything they do  even if it’s just mundane thing as  way of holding a pen or the way they talk or even while talking to other colleagues or family members. Suddenly everything reminds them of someone they love. You are so engrossed in each other thought that

  •  I care for you :

The person when in love is always concerned about his/her lovers well-being about how are they at any point of time, if they were supposed to board some flight, then they are just wishing the flight to be on time without long delays. Even the smallest things which can make their lover uncomfortable become a big issue in their eyes.

  •  I can’t concentrate :

When you are in love you cannot concentrate in anything, you work or personal cores. Your thoughts unknowingly shift towards someone you love.

  •  We should be always together :red symbols of love

When one of them is saying goodbye, other gets sentimental almost like crying, can’t see them go.

  •  You are mine, only mine :

In love you become very possessive of the person you love and slight ignorance makes you very angry and disturbed.

So keep loving !

If you have these feelings, you are definitely in love. If that is so don’t let this feeling go, as Love is the most wonderful feeling in the world.